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Data Protection Everywhere: Droning on about Converged Infrastructure Data Protection

Tom Giuliano

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection Management Software Solutions
For 17 years, Tom has brought storage, data protection, security and wireless products to market through roles in product marketing, product management and sales. He loves to speak with customers and prospects about their business goals and challenges, their experiences and their needs, and has had a lot of opportunity to do it. Backed with a master’s degree in Engineering and an MBA, Tom is equally comfortable digging into the details with technical personnel as well as translating and delivering the business value story. But honestly – TELLING STORIES is SO much more FUN for him! Tom's current role in product marketing focuses on data protection management solutions and management strategy. He gets to spend his days thinking about how to help you simplify and enhance your experience achieving your data protection objectives. When not driving go-to-market initiatives, identifying unique and creative methods to build product awareness or launching new and innovative offerings, you’ll likely find him cycling, skiing, boating or running. And, who knows, maybe you’ll hear some of more of his interesting experiences in a future post from time to time.

Drones.  Quadcopters.  Small remote-controlled flying vehicles.  Whatever you want to call them, they were THE hot item this holiday season.  I had two orders cancelled by Amazon once they determined they were accepting orders beyond inventory capacity.  It was a miracle I was finally able to find one for my son at a local store.

converged infrastructure drone 1

As an 11 year old, my son was initially challenged with the vehicle controls.  The controller had 2 joysticks, 2 elevation buttons, a start button, a “trick” button, trim/elevation/turning fine-tuning buttons, takeoff and landing buttons and a LCD display.  And learning how to manage the vehicle occurred only after he had manually built much of the tiny aircraft.  That’s a lot for anyone to accomplish in short time before they can get value (fun!) out of it.  And even then, I still needed to be in the flight area to protect pictures, lamps and the cats from being hit.

converged infrastructure drone 2 (more…)

Comprehensive Cloud Vendor Digital River Provides A Worry Free eCommerce Experience for Customers Globally

Lisa Matzdorff

Voice of Customer, Data Protection and Availability Division
I have a passion for listening, more specifically, listening to customers share their IT stories, their experiences, their successes! Over the past 7 years in the role of customer reference manager and customer advocacy manager, I’ve had the pleasure of listen to amazing stories and meeting some very interesting people. The one thing that makes my job even better…I get to share those stories. When I’m not working, I’m volunteering with foster children, running 5K fun runs, playing fashion consultant “What Not To Wear” style, traveling, and watching reality t.v

The holidays are upon us and shoppers are in vigorous pursuit to acquire the ‘hottest’ holiday gift items. stated, “in 2015 eCommerce holiday shopping should see an estimated year over year growth of 5.7 percent”. I’d like to pause here for a second and ask you to think about the e-commerce demands and what it takes to process our transactions. As a consumer, I know I am constantly looking for my transactions to process faster, what about you? Many companies simply don’t have the resources, infrastructure, and experience to pull it off, especially on a global scale. In this blog I’d like to introduce you to an EMC customer who provides support for companies in the eCommerce world.
tablet Shopping cart icon 183204651Digital River is a Minnesota-based company, who delivers cloud-based eCommerce solutions globally for clients large and small; these solutions provide cutting-edge resources to address today’s commerce demands and challenges. They handle everything from personal information to PCI data and credit card numbers. So the end game for Digital River is to support their client’s requirements, while delivering fast, flexible solutions at a competitive price point.

Digital River relies on a combination of private and third party clouds to deliver their hybrid cloud solution. This approach affords them the flexibility of a plug and play infrastructure, almost as easy as putting together LEGO building blocks. The Digital River cloud environment runs custom-developed global commerce and payments applications backed by Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2. (more…)

Why Your Business Needs an Agile Data Center to Thrive in This Age of Digital Disruption

Shane Moore

Director, Product Marketing, Core Technologies APJ
I have been in the IT industry for close to 20 years and started my career as an Officer in the Australian Air Force. For my first posting, I had a choice to either manage a national network of servers or run a warehouse (the physical kind). Thankfully, I chose the former and subsequently managed infrastructure in a number of public and private organizations. Later, I started selling and then marketing IT solutions for Computer Associates and now EMC. I have a passion for technology and I am excited by the way it continues to transform our lives. In my current role, I work across Asia promoting EMC’s data protection solutions, spending time with analysts and writing articles for traditional and social media. In my spare time, I provide IT support for my family and enjoy the outdoors. For the record, Top Gun is my favorite movie of all time!

Virtual 3Standing still has never been a good business strategy. The pages of corporate history are littered with large enterprises that decided against embracing change and paid a heavy price. Eastman Kodak ignored the shift to digital photography and drifted into obscurity, Borders failed to launch an e-reader and ended up declaring bankruptcy, and Sony lost its dominant market position after continuing to focus on hardware while rivals switched their attentions to software.

The danger of complacency is a business story that’s been retold through the decades but advances in technology are disrupting established industries more rapidly than ever before. The average lifespan of a Fortune 500 company halves every 30 years – only 13% of companies that made this auspicious list back in 1955 are still doing business today.

The Power of Disruption
This disruption is best seen in the rapid growth of digital businesses like Google and Facebook, which have become corporate giants in just a few short years. More recently still, start-ups like Airbnb and Uber are redefining how people connect and building businesses worth tens of billions of dollars on next-generation mobile applications.

These applications are forcing large enterprises to re-imagine how they interact with customers. Consumers used to compare the customer experience delivered by an airline, bank or telco with the service or offer from other similar companies. Now they judge every interaction with a brand against the best service levels they’ve experienced regardless of industry. Rapid development and iteration of best-in-class applications is the single best way to get ahead of the chasing pack. Consumers expect rapid, consistent responses and punish those that fail to provide them. (more…)

Why Social Media is So Important For IT Decision Makers

Jamie Doherty

Consultant Social Media Engagement Manager, Dell EMC
Jamie brings over 20 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing and has worked for companies like Direct to Retail Advertising, The Robb Report Magazine and She joined Dell EMC over four years ago to manage the Advanced Software Division’s social media strategy, and since then has taken on the challenge of managing the social media strategy for Dell EMC's Core Technologies Division. Her newest role will be managing Digital Campaigns for the Dell EMC Data Protection Division as well as leading strategy for Social Media in both the Data Protection and Storage Divisions. Jamie is also a Beachbody Coach helping to inspire others to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. When she is not Tweeting on behalf of Dell EMC or working out to Beachbody, you can find her at a live music venue watching her favorite artist or planning her next theme party. Follow her on Twitter @MnkyGrl47 or @CoachFab40

70s childAs a child of the 70s, if I wanted to see what my friends were doing I would walk over to their house and knock on the door.  My wired Mickey Mouse phone is what I used as a teenager in the 80s.  After college in the 90s, I would just pop in to the local hang-out and see who was out and about.  If I wanted to see what was going on over the weekend, or if I had a question about a service or product, I would ask my family, friends, or co-workers in person.  I might even crack open the newspaper!  As a professional in the late 90s early 2000s, if I needed help finding a vendor or service, walking a tradeshow floor, like many of you are about to do at EMC World 2015, was almost the only way to find what I needed.  I could talk to the expert live and in some cases try out the product.

The way in which we communicate has certainly changed.  Now in the 2010s we are iStock_000042161786Largeplugged in to our smart devices. Texting is the main means of communication when I want to talk to my friends.  Many people now get breaking news on Twitter or Facebook.  I rely on Facebook to see what events are happening over the weekend.  If I need advice on a product I go right to my Facebook friends. Just recently I needed help finding black dress pants.  I posted the request on Facebook. Within an hour I had about 20 recommendations.  Lastly, if I need advice on a vendor for work I rely on my 500+ connections on LinkedIn and still attend the top tradeshows. Events are still very relevant in this millennium, however, I use Twitter to communicate with other attendees, share interesting facts I learn in sessions, and find out what the hot happenings are that are a “must attend”. (more…)




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