When we announced the flexible VNXe3200, we summarized the cool little unified/hybrid/cloud-ready flash array as “enterprise features for entry level prices.”


Nine out of ten engineers agree. Many folks agree including SearchStorage, CRN, StorageReview, Justin Paul, Henri Hämäläinen, Hersey Cartwright, Jason Nash, Chad Sakac, Todd Bey, and John Lukavsky.

We talked to the tenth engineer who didn’t agree, and we listened. Joep was a recipient of a VNXe3200 demo unit lease in a contest sponsored by EMC’s Chad Sakac. We asked him and several others to test it out and give us honest feedback. Joep told us our licensing… ahh… needed improvement, so we responded: We heard you Joep – and we listened.

The new VNXe3200 base software bundle is now 88% cheaper! We just introduced a new base software bundle which includes FAST Cache and FASTVP licensing, Snapshots, Native Remote Replication – for no additional charge. Our customers are craving value and simplicity in operation and we hope this helps alleviate some licensing costs and some license-management pain.


That is a lot of software – now free! Free items include Unisphere, Unisphere Central, VNX Monitoring and Reporting, FAST Cache, FASTVP, Snapshots and even native VNX to VNXe remote replication. That is 88% percent less than what it would have cost to license each feature individually.

Some software still requires licensing, but it’s well worth it.

  • AppSync is great for SLA driven copy management for rapid restore of applications like SQL, Oracle, Exchange, VMware data, and file shares.
  • Storage Analytics is for deeper VMware insight and dashboard creation powered by the VMware vRealize Operations Manager analytics engine.
  • RecoverPoint is for powerful, heterogenous, any-point-in-time recovery. It’s like putting a DVR inside your VNXe3200.

The VNXe3200 is delivering enterprise features at entry level prices and it’s simple to try.


Go ahead, check it out today!

Brian Henderson

Director, Unity Product Marketing
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  1. Derek Aldridge says:

    So what does this mean for current owners of the VNXe3200? Are we getting these licenses now also?

    • EMCThinBlueLine says:

      Thank you for your inquiry! For a limited time, your authorized EMC reseller can help you obtain the software and license information needed to add FAST Suite and Remote Protection packages to your existing VNXe3200 system(s) at no charge. The upgrade order function for these software packages has been temporarily disabled, however the reseller can enter an order manually and request assistance from the EMC Partner Support Center to process it.

      The items required are:
      a. P/N 456-104-909 VNXE3200 FAST Suite
      b. P/N 456-106-747 VNXE3200 Remote Protection

      In order to process the order, your reseller will need to provide the original EMC Sales Order Number(s) associated with the purchase of your VNXe3200(s) to which the software will be applied.




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