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SAN Extension Optimizes WAN Resources for Data Protection with FCiP

Deirdre Wassell

Director, Dell EMC Connectrix Product Marketing
From mainframe operations, to systems programming, to storage product management, to technical product marketing, Deirdre Wassell’s career reflects her prodigious interest in technology.

Businesses today need to replicate and distribute data on a global scale.  One technology that enables remote replication and disaster recovery solutions over Wide Area Networks (WAN) is SAN Extension.

In basic terms, SAN Extension connects switches between two sites over distance.  A popular SAN Extension deployment method uses Fibre Channel over IP or “FCiP”.  FCiP extends the inherent distance limitations of Fibre Channel and FICON® storage solutions.


What makes FCiP so great?
In simple terms, because Fibre Channel data is traveling (or tunneling) over traditional IP networks, FCiP can take advantage of the many features of TCP/IP.  These features include TCP’s reliable transmission service, hardware-based encryption known as IP Security (IP Sec), hardware-based compression which helps with link performance and port aggregation technologies to name a few.

This month, the Dell EMC Connectrix brand extends its SAN Extension offering with the addition of a new FCiP SAN Extension Module for the Connectrix MDS 9700 enterprise director series.  This new 24/10 port module supports all MDS advanced features including Inter-VSAN Routing which eliminates the need for external routing appliances in an existing SAN.

To learn the history and the technical details of SAN Extension, click on this Dell EMC E-Lab Tech Book Extended Distance Technologies.

To learn about the Dell EMC Connectrix family of storage networking products, click here Connectrix Family Datasheet.

Storage Networking Performance Matters For Mainframe FICON Environments

Deirdre Wassell

Director, Dell EMC Connectrix Product Marketing
From mainframe operations, to systems programming, to storage product management, to technical product marketing, Deirdre Wassell’s career reflects her prodigious interest in technology.

A flashback to working in a house of cards…

My first role in IT was working in a data center of a reinsurance company as a Computer Operator.  I was responsible for running the company’s reporting programs on the UNIVersal Automatic Computer or “UNIVAC” mainframe.   To run a program on the UNIVAC mainframe, I’d go to the “Program Closet” and grab the pertinent program, which was a stack of punched cards, and then I’d feed the cards through the UNIVAC card reader and the report would be created.  Fun!

punchcards stacked
Not fun…sometimes a card, which represents a line of code or an instruction, would get damaged and I’d have to recreate it using a keypunch machine.  If the card were severely damaged, I’d have to go to the “Source Code Closet”.  The Source Code Closet contained the Master Program Decks.  Using the card from the Master Program Deck, I’d carefully replicate the damaged card by typing the instruction using the keypunch machine and then I’d rerun the operating deck through the card reader to produce the report.    Memories…

 Flash-forward to 2016; the cards are gone and the mainframe game has changed
Mainframe customers are expanding the role of their highly secure environments to repositories of enterprise data for web servers and web-based application services.  Every day more and more transactions originate from mobile devices that end up at mainframes for retail purchase transactional recording.   The number of transactions occurring daily along with traditional online transactions is in the millions and growing with no end in sight.

Bottom line–the mainframe has evolved to be the platform of record for 3rd platform applications. (more…)

Modern Networks for Today and Tomorrow

Doug Fierro

Senior Director, Connectrix and Storage Networking at EMC
Doug Fierro is responsible for the Connectrix Business Unit which drives strategy and product delivery of storage networking technologies at EMC. This includes responsibility for delivering storage networking technologies that EMC sells within the Connectrix and EMC Select product lines, or qualifies within end-to-end solutions. These storage networking technologies include Fibre Channel, Ethernet, iSCSI, FCoE, Network Virtualization and WAN acceleration. Doug has 30 years of technical and marketing experience in the computer and storage industry, which includes 20 years at EMC.

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“Why should I buy this now?” Have you ever thought that while looking at the latest products, whether that’s new technology, entertainment systems, sports equipment or anything else?

Do you wonder, “Will it provide more value, better performance, or just a give me something to brag about with my friends?”

Ultimately, you’re trying to decide “Is it worth the investment now, or should I wait?”

That decision process happens all the time when purchasing new products, especially if they are the latest technology. And it is happening again in the Fibre Channel technology race, as the industry is entering the next generation of product cycles, anchored by the latest 32Gb speed, and supported by new capabilities that extend Fibre Channel for the next generation of IT.

When is Enough…Enough???
When your business stops growing, when your customers stop requiring new levels of service, and when your budgets are infinite.X6-8_front Since that is not happening anytime soon, this is a great time to think ahead; position for today and tomorrow; and let new technology provide a way to solve challenges and add value to your business.

EMC, and our close partner Brocade, are giving you that opportunity today. With the latest EMC Connectrix B-Series products, we have worked with Brocade to deliver an industry leading series of 32Gb Fibre Channel systems that are available now, and will help you solve your most critical IT issues today and into the 2020s.

Keeping up with the All Flash Arrays
It is no secret that All Flash storage arrays are changing IT. What has been a bit of a mystery is how your FC storage network can enhance your All Flash array experience. It is amazing how many customers are introducing All Flash arrays into their environment, and connecting them to 5 year old (or older) FC networks. The result is similar to putting a board under the gas pedal of a Formula I car and expecting it to accelerate to top-end speed. It is just not going to happen.

Updating your FC SAN now will help you get the greatest value from your newest All Flash arrays. Doing that with the newest Connectrix B-Series will position you to experience top-end performance now and for many years to come. So you are ready to keep updating your storage environment no matter what new arrays you introduce into your Data Center.

That is future proofing with a purpose… (more…)

A Variety of Webinars to Fit Your Needs

Lauren Simpson

Principal Product Marketing Manager
Lauren is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at EMC working on the Experiential Marketing team. She helps drive customer-facing activities including engagement campaigns, events, webinar programs, and tradeshows. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two children.

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Are you curious about where your use case and product questions can be addressed? The Core Technologies team here at EMC has many ways to engage with you, at your convenience, to meet your needs. The most recent way to stay connected is our newly launched webinar series – a three-part program with different content and levels of complexity. There is a webinar to specifically address each unique facet of IT challenges.  This includes everything from cyber attacks, data duplication, complex application management, and data sprawl to the inability to support multiple virtual machines. If you have IT challenges, we have a solution to fit your needs.


EMC Tech Talks
The tech talk series provides you with an inside look at managing your experience with our products. The focus is primarily based on one product at a time due to the technical nature of the content. We utilize simulators, GUIs, and animated videos to drive the 30-minute conversation and address your questions as they arise.



Modernize Without Compromise”
andAre You Protected?”
These two series highlight how to efficiently store, protect, and manage your information wherever it lives. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length, and they all offer the opportunity to ask questions via chat.



Click here to be added to the webinar distribution list, ensuring that you receive the most up to date information on scheduling, topics, etc.

To view the upcoming schedules or view all of our previously recorded events click on one of the series names below:

We look forward to having you join our upcoming events!

Coachella for IT Professionals – A Review of Cisco Live 2015

Julie Wojewoda

Associate Marketing Program Manager
Julie is a recent college graduate from Bentley University. She is a marketing and social media enthusiast who currently works within the Connectrix team at EMC. Outside EMC she enjoys watching all Boston sports teams and biking.

Latest posts by Julie Wojewoda (see all)

Cisco Live 2015 rocked the city of San Diego this year. More than 25,000 people attended Cisco Live in person and over 80,000 joined online. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in technical sessions, hands on labs, industry keynotes, and touring the world of solutions.

This Cisco Live marked an important time for the company. For many, the highlight of the conference was attending Cisco’s CEO John Chambers’ last and final keynote. Chambers shared his vision for the future of IT and stressed the importance of having a digital strategy.  A strong digital strategy can be driven by translating the network architectural approach into a way that people can understand. Chambers concluded his keynote by passing the Cisco CEO torch onto Chuck Robbins.  After stepping down as CEO, Chambers will serve as Cisco’s executive chairman.

CiscoLive1As partners EMC and Cisco are strategically aligned with our visions for the future. The main message from Cisco’s keynotes very much resembled the keynotes given at EMC World.  Both EMC and Cisco addressed how businesses needs change during market transition. How we currently look at IT is going to change in the future as the amount of digital devices continues to increase. For those companies who want to remain successful they need to be proactive. Those who choose to rely on their past successes will not make it in the future as IT begins to change. (more…)




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