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Reflection on 2015 Resolutions – When a Triathlon Meets Data Protection

Deanna Hoover

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Deanna Hoover started her IT career over 30 years ago with a focus on software and hardware engineering. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries and has built a broad skillset ranging from writing machine code in a factory, migration of mainframe to client server, and storage architecture as well as systems and database administration. In August of 2004 Deanna made the move to EMC as a backup, recovery and archive presales SE. Since that time she has managed a Professional Services team and as of current is in marketing for Dell EMC with a focus on virtualization backup and recovery software. In her spare time Deanna enjoys the outdoors and participates in triathlons.

It’s that time of year to reflect back on 2015 and set new goals.  Are you one of the 45% who chose to set resolution goals?  If so, did you honestly stick to your goals? Congratulations if you did! Only 8% were successful in achieving resolution goals.

triathalon and data protectionI barely managed to meet my goal of improving my rankings as a triathlete. In a moment of insanity, I signed up for a half-ironman.  Several months and a few hundred hours of training later, I was race ready.  However, my race had a few glitches, and I wasn’t prepared for the unexpected.

A Triathlon involves swimming, biking and running – in this order.  Each triathlete is typically stronger at one of the 3 sports. For me it is biking.  It is beneficial to know the strengths of the other athletes before race day.   Let me give you an example of why.

The day before the race, we setup our transition areas, which includes, putting our running gear at the location where we dismount our bikes.  I strategically placed my gear to ensure I had a quick exit for my run. Despite that planning, another athlete had researched my previous race results, and learned biking was my strong sport and moved my running shoes.  I got off the bike in first place but it took me three minutes to find my hidden shoes! This gave her a competitive advantage. She finished a couple of minutes ahead of me and won the race.

I learned a couple of lessons in that race that we can apply to Data Protection.

  • I should have held the athlete accountable by turning her into the officials. Data Protection solution needs to be accountable, ensuring data is recoverable no matter what happens or where it lives.
  • One minor mishap affected the overall outcome of my race. A mishap in your Data Protection solution can be detrimental to your business. Reliable Data Protection is more than backup and recovery. It includes protection across the continuum, continuous data protection, and centralized analysis and monitoring.
  • The other athlete was committed to win, albeit unfairly. It is important that your Data Protection vendor be committed to your success for years to come.

Let me ask you, is your Data Protection solution prepared for whatever might happen? (more…)

Suite Dreams are Made of These…

Meredith Soper

Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
As a former college athlete who never lost her competitive edge, I continuously challenge myself to learn new things and become an expert on others. However, my focus is no longer basketball, but the world of data protection. My MBA and innate passion for technology led me to a career in product marketing at Dell EMC, where I aspire to add some pizazz to the already-exciting world of backup and recovery. Outside of the office, I’m a born and raised Bostonian who has trouble pronouncing her R’s (think “pahk the cah”). I love sports, shopping, and a good glass of red wine. Follow me on Twitter @Meredith_Soper and I promise to #followback!

Exponential data growth, regulatory compliance, strict SLA’s, and shrinking backup windows – IT  teams are constantly faced with data protection challenges such as these. In order to meet these requirements, standalone backup and recovery products are no longer viable solutions. Customers need more to achieve more.  Customers benefit the greatest with complete solutions that offer end-to-end content protection.  What denotes a complete solution? To put it in perspective, enterprises must protect all of their data and applications, regardless of where they live, where they move, and against whatever might happen.  And based on the business value of that data, the right service level can be determined – from availability to replication and snapshots, to backup and archive. When all of these facets across the protection continuum are covered, complete protection is achieved.

With the world of IT changing at a rapid pace, the standing question enterprises are facing is no longer “do I need to transform?” but rather, “how?” Today’s business challenges must be met with the agility required to transform for the future and all businesses need an IT survival strategy. While surviving is good, thriving is better. Imagine meeting and exceeding those needs by using all best-of-breed products, in one single solution–a “suite,” if you will–that offers the flexibility and choice to use the product that best fits any given protection challenge, while also working in harmony when used together.

This became a reality for one of the world’s largest bicycle companies, Trek Bicycle. Within the last 8 years, Trek has expanded globally from 15 to 27 locations and exponentially increased its amount of data from 15 to 200 terabytes. As data assets grew, Trek’s local storage and tape backup solutions could not support the environment. The solution: a comprehensive EMC information infrastructure and data protection solution to enable greater performance, efficiency, and business agility. Using the backup capabilities of EMC Data Protection Suite (DPS), Trek was able to improve the speed and agility of its backup environment at deduplication rates of 99.63%. Since their move from tape to disk, Trek’s backup times for critical data have been cut from 18 hours to seven hours. Using Data Protection Suite’s reporting, monitoring, and analysis capabilities, IT admins now enjoy a single pane of glass to manage backup and recovery. (more…)




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