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The Perfect Holiday Cookie

Meredith Soper

Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
As a former college athlete who never lost her competitive edge, I continuously challenge myself to learn new things and become an expert on others. However, my focus is no longer basketball, but the world of data protection. My MBA and innate passion for technology led me to a career in product marketing at Dell EMC, where I aspire to add some pizazz to the already-exciting world of backup and recovery. Outside of the office, I’m a born and raised Bostonian who has trouble pronouncing her R’s (think “pahk the cah”). I love sports, shopping, and a good glass of red wine. Follow me on Twitter @Meredith_Soper and I promise to #followback!

What makes the perfect holiday cookie? Is it the combination of ingredients, or the manner in which they are mixed and baked? A recipe incorporates both of these things- yet data-protection-solution-holiday-cookies
the success of one without the other is never enough. Even with the main ingredients- flour, sugar, eggs-, a forgotten touch of salt or dash of vanilla leads to tasteless dough. And even if the dough is mixed to perfection, a misread oven temperature can ruin the entire baking process. (By now, you may have guessed that I am speaking from experience. I can’t be the only one who’s committed a baking blunder!) The result of these common mistakes is an imperfect holiday cookie.  Although this may not ruin your Christmas party, it surely isn’t ideal.

Fortunately for you, I won’t be baking any cookies this holiday season. However, I am thinking of mixing it up from a data protection perspective. When I think of the perfect data protection solution, I consider it a combination of both software and hardware products. Not only should data be backed up with the utmost speed, performance, and efficiency, but it should also be securely stored on protection storage you can trust. But like the ingredients of the cookie, there cannot be one without the other. In order to benefit from a complete data protection solution, the greatness of the backup application must be matched by the greatness of the protection storage device, and vice versa. And like the baking process, the data protection products must be handled with care, serviced appropriately, and backed by a company you can rely on. (more…)




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