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‘Tis The Season – And Backup Admins Have Made Their Holiday Wish List!

Alyanna Ilyadis

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Alyanna is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC working in data protection. She graduated from Bryant University in 2015 and has been working at Dell EMC since then. Outside of work, she enjoys illustrating and putting too much time into video games.

As the holiday season rolls around, there are plenty of things people are wishing for like new gadgets, updated wardrobe, or even a cozy pet bed for your best friend. And while those things are all well and good, not everyone is hoping for just stocking stuffers this year. The IT industry is now having to deal with an explosion of new data that needs to be protected, and a lack of visibility and control of that data. Faster backup and better protection options are becoming a must. So when a backup admin is asked to make their own holiday wish list, you can bet a new fridge for the office wasn’t at the top.  So what is on the backup admin wishlist?|

“I want to always meet my backup windows”:
When you ask an application or backup owner if they need faster backup and recovery to meet their stringent SLAs – they’re going to tell you yes. Meeting backup windows is becoming harder than ever, and the amount of data that needs to be moved from one place to another is increasing, so speeding that process up is key. When you start talking about mission critical applications, backup and app admins are putting a nice big star next to the first item on their wish list.

Though Santa might not be able to pop down the chimney with this, fortunately for application owners and backup admins, Dell EMC can. Faster backup can sometimes seem out of reach, but by removing the application and backup server from the process, admins can get up to 20x faster backup to better meet their backup windows. Need faster recovery too? Not a problem. With differential restore, which means only recovering the difference between the production and protection lun, app admins can see up to 10x faster recovery . If your application being paused for the length of the backup is also a problem, the removal of the application server from the backup process can reduce or completely eliminate any impact. (more…)

All Flash Arrays, Don’t Forget Your Helmet!

Alyanna Ilyadis

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Alyanna is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC working in data protection. She graduated from Bryant University in 2015 and has been working at Dell EMC since then. Outside of work, she enjoys illustrating and putting too much time into video games.

Super flash-blogIf you have a flash environment (Or know flash at all) you’re aware of its high performance. However, that high performance also demands the same level of speed in all aspects of its use. Meaning, you need to consider what you’re using to protect that all flash array, and know that you can’t skimp out on it. Not having the right data protection for your flash array would be like driving a racecar without a helmet – and everyone knows that’s a bad idea. Yet, the wrong protection solution can become a bottleneck to your mission critical workloads on flash, with your backup slowing down or even stopping your application.

When protecting a flash environment, there are some requirements to keep in mind. First, and foremost, is performance. Service Level Agreements are becoming stricter and your array needs the performance to meet these SLAs – which include backup windows, RPO and recovery time. Second is efficiency – flash storage, and the applications stored on them, can’t be impacted by protection. Having your flash array’s performance compromised is never an option. Last, but hardly the least, is agility. Since flash storage is usually a component of an ever evolving data center, it’s important that the data protection solution you implement evolve alongside your business.

There are three main pieces that are critical to consider when protecting an all flash array: Continuous availability, Replication for disaster recovery, and Backup and recovery.

Let’s start our discussion off with continuous availability, and how important it is to flash. All flash arrays give the best performance for the most demanding mission critical applications. These applications most often also need the highest level of availability. As the name suggests continuous availability is about keeping your mission critical applications always on.  Your availability solution should offer zero RTO and zero RPO even in the face of natural disasters and catastrophic hardware failures. In addition that same solution should offer a powerful data mobility engine that can eliminate planned downtime for time consuming storage tech refresh and workload balancing across arrays. (more…)

Data protection for VMAX3: High Performance Data Protection for Your High Performance Storage

Paul Scheuer

Worldwide Consultant Marketing Manager, Mainframe Storage
I like to be known as "Mr. Enterprise Storage Protector" writing, blogging and presenting to the world an ever-changing, always improving product story for enterprise storage (Mainframe) data protection and archiving. You won't ever hear or see me use the words "sexy" when describing our products (that's another story), but you will see that I am passionate about the ability to protect the crown jewels of corporate data. I consider enterprise (aka mainframe) data protection the guardian of insuring that the world doesn't "grind to a halt" as mainframes make airline transactions, stock trades, ATM transactions and many other things critical to our daily existence on the planet. I come to EMC via IBM where I spent more the two decades in storage as a developer and marketer of storage, even competing head-to-head with the products I now grow (yet another story). I call the Tucson Arizona desert home, where I like to sun & swim outside my office door. When I'm not outdoors, in front of customers or sales teams, you'll find me playing and listening to Jazz piano or guitar.

1EMC has once again as raised the bar on storage leadership with the announcement of the new VMAX3.  Much more than primary storage, VMAX3 is an Enterprise storage services platform, designed to enable I/T to control where to best run specific workloads, whether in the data center or the cloud. With VMAX3, IT can manage Storage-as-a Service through predictable service levels at hybrid cloud scale. (more…)




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