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Feeling Thankful for that Backup

John Dentinger

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
John’s passion for creating compelling content and communicating the benefits of great products have aligned as he explores the world of protection storage. Interning in Product Marketing with EMC while pursuing his MBA exposed John to the world of technology and the astounding power of Dell EMC’s data protection offerings. Outside of work, John likes to ski, enjoys gaming & media, and collects vinyl records. John is a graduate of the MBA program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, where he specialized in Product & Brand Management and Marketing Analytics.

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, American businesses close down for the day as families gather around warm food on a big table. That means that many data centers were short-staffed over this past week, as IT employees around the country took part in our annual tradition of coming together to give thanks. But business in the data center must go on despite holidays, and those who work in IT know that any day off can be ruined when failures occur or disaster strikes.

When most go around the Thanksgiving dinner table and share what they are thankful for, stable health, friends, family and recent good fortunes are generally what comes to mind. But for those concerned about the loss of their organization’s mission critical data, this might have been the year that you declared to your family that you were “feeling thankful for that backup that saved me!”


That is right – intermixed with the stories that focused on golf scores that were lowered or new friendships that were made, there are definitely families out there who had members share tales about how having a trustworthy and complete data protection solution saved them this year.

Let me give you three scenarios where one would be thankful this time of year for backup. Take, for starters, a small business owner who deployed software-defined protection storage across multiple branch locations over this past year as their business grew. When an environmental catastrophe caused the destruction of one of these off-site locations, this individual was thankful that the location’s critical backup had been replicated to his central data center. This business owner was relieved that he had sought out a full protection strategy, of which disaster recovery is a vital component. (more…)

Why you should be as excited about DD VE as I am

Jason Buffington

Principal Analyst at ESG and Guest Blogger
Jason Buffington is the Principal Analyst at ESG focusing on all forms of data protection, preservation and availability. He has actively deployed or consulted on data protection and storage solutions for 27 years, via channel partners, data protection ISVs and Microsoft.

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Earlier this month, EMC announced Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE) – and there are several reasons why many will be interested in it and how it might impact their presence in the broader data protection market.  EMC is not the first deduplication vendor to offer a virtualized appliance, but for many, ‘Data Domain‘ is still synonymous with the concept of ‘deduplicated disk‘ for data protection and preservation scenarios.



Here is why DD VE matters:

  • A virtual dedupe appliance opens up new opportunities for smaller organizations that might not want to justify a physical appliance, but still wanting better deduplication than some backup software alone can achieve. This includes not only SMB customers, but also broadly distributed remote office and branch office (ROBO) scenarios.
  • Because of the integrated replication mechanisms between Data Domain appliances, a DD VE ought to provide not only optimized local storage (for local/fast recovery), but also replication for data survivability scenarios such as BC/DR of ROBO data to a corporate headquarters. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with significantly larger Data Domain systems could offer similar centralized-replication services to subscribing SMB customers that otherwise don’t have a second site to replicate to.
  • Another potential MSP or hyperscale cloud scenario is the reverse of DD VEs within ROBOs to a central MSP dedupe. Instead, some MSPs may wish to ‘spin up’ a DD VE per subscriber, as a completely isolated and client-managed target, for hybrid data protection.
  • Customers leveraging hyperconverged appliances may be excited to see a virtualized deduplication appliance, especially when paired with built-in hypervisor backup tools or virtualized backup servers, resulting in a completely autonomous infrastructure … with ROBO scenarios, especially those in particularly disconnected environments such as petroleum, ships, military, etc.


Protection Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center

Alyson Langon

A couple years ago, fresh out of Business School at Boston College, I started at EMC and dove head first into all things backup and archive, focusing on Data Domain systems. I love the challenge of communicating complicated technologies in innovative and engaging ways and there is certainly no shortage of inspiration at EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division. Outside of the tech world, I am an artist, animal lover and sufferer of wanderlust. You can also find me on Twitter achieving the perfect balance of data protection and cat gifs.

The IT industry is in the midst of a massive disruption from forces such as cloud, mobile devices and the internet of things. In order to meet these new demands, IT needs to innovate and optimize infrastructure. One of the key pillars in modernizing IT is the software-defined data center (SDDC), in which all elements of the infrastructure (compute, storage, network etc.) are virtualized and delivered as a service. In addition to enabling you to reduce and standardize hardware, this also paves a foundation for cloud initiatives.concept of a data server with data streams.

The SDDC is rapidly becoming a reality for businesses. If you are thinking about making the leap to the SDDC or in the midst of doing so, don’t let data protection become an afterthought. All of your data needs to be protected no matter where it resides and to the appropriate service level based in its business value. As you modernize your IT this point becomes even more important.  The flexibility and agility enabled by software-defined storage demands a data protection strategy that can match.

The key foundation for protecting the software defined data center is protection storage, which enables protection of data wherever it lives and in the most efficient way possible through advanced integration with applications and primary storage.  And with protection storage that is software defined, you can take the idea of data protection everywhere to the next level. As a software-only solution, users are empowered to quickly and easily deploy protection storage in a matter of minutes and in a variety of new deployment models – think converged infrastructure and public cloud.  Add in the additional flexibility of being able to gradually scale capacity and move it across sites as needed and the possibilities start to become endless. (more…)




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