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Data Protection Everywhere: The Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Family

Meredith Soper

Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
As a former college athlete who never lost her competitive edge, I continuously challenge myself to learn new things and become an expert on others. However, my focus is no longer basketball, but the world of data protection. My MBA and innate passion for technology led me to a career in product marketing at Dell EMC, where I aspire to add some pizazz to the already-exciting world of backup and recovery. Outside of the office, I’m a born and raised Bostonian who has trouble pronouncing her R’s (think “pahk the cah”). I love sports, shopping, and a good glass of red wine. Follow me on Twitter @Meredith_Soper and I promise to #followback!

data protection everywhereData protection is never a one size fits all solution. Over the next few weeks, we will demonstrate, through a series of ‘Data Protection Everywhere’ blog posts, how Dell EMC’s leading data protection portfolio is equipped to deliver complete protection for enterprises of all sizes. To kick off this series, let’s take a look at Dell EMC’s leading software offerings–the Data Protection Suite Family.

Dell EMC recognizes that companies are rethinking next generation data protection methods as a result of exponential data growth, strict service-level agreements, and shrinking backup windows, as well as the need to better protect data residing throughout the enterprise. We understand that you probably have multiple roles within the data protection environment who are responding to these challenges within the business – each with their own set of requirements and responsibilities. Dell EMC addresses this reality with the Data Protection Suite Family, which includes our five Suite offerings: Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, Data Protection Suite for Backup, Data Protection Suite for VMware, Data Protection Suite for Applications and Data Protection Suite for Archive.

We’ve created each Suite as a direct response to the needs of your data owners and the requirements of your business, and each is designed for specific use cases within the most popular data protection environments. Whether your environment is rich with mission critical applications, fully virtualized, focused on backup and recovery with requirements for supporting many different use cases including NAS and tape-out, or a complex assortment of these, the Data Protection Suite Family offers solutions built to satisfy the needs of your business. To put it simply, Dell EMC has simplified data protection, making it easier than ever for you to take advantage of industry-leading replication, backup, recovery and archive solutions. The comprehensive data protection provided by the Suite Family is derived from the combination of components within each offering, which has been put together to meet the requirements of your business. Let’s dive deeper to better understand the unique benefits and capabilities of each of the five Suite offerings:


Not Using a Full Backup for Your Big Data? You Should Be

Alyanna Ilyadis

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Alyanna is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC working in data protection. She graduated from Bryant University in 2015 and has been working at Dell EMC since then. Outside of work, she enjoys illustrating and putting too much time into video games.

Your business relies on making sure all its important information is kept safe and easily recoverable if something goes wrong. When we start talking about mission critical applications, most people can’t imagine themselves not keeping that data safe. As Big Data starts to become (and has become) mission critical, there begins a growing need to protect it.


Businesses used to understand data as being structured or neatly organized in databases found within the enterprise.  But then, an emergence of new data started to spread, data is now being gathered from many diverse sources. Web logs, ecommerce transactions and demographic information left behind by customer interactions with a company became a useful source of data for corporations. This rapid growth of new data sources that is characterized by high volumes of growth, generated at high velocities, and include both these structured and unstructured data sources could be analyzed and used to better the business. For instance, Chrysler uses data gathered from their manufacturing floor, which is then used to help boost operational efficiency. All fortune 100 companies are using Big Data analytics, and with rapid technology adoption, projects are maturing faster than ever. This Big Data holds great value to businesses by allowing them to better understand their customers and gain a competitive edge, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and protect. (more…)




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