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Clearing Your Clouded Mind

Meredith Soper

Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
As a former college athlete who never lost her competitive edge, I continuously challenge myself to learn new things and become an expert on others. However, my focus is no longer basketball, but the world of data protection. My MBA and innate passion for technology led me to a career in product marketing at Dell EMC, where I aspire to add some pizazz to the already-exciting world of backup and recovery. Outside of the office, I’m a born and raised Bostonian who has trouble pronouncing her R’s (think “pahk the cah”). I love sports, shopping, and a good glass of red wine. Follow me on Twitter @Meredith_Soper and I promise to #followback!

blog1Feeling like your brain is clouded? No, I don’t mean that your ability to think is disabled or that you’re having trouble finding clarity in your thoughts. I mean THE CLOUD- is it on your mind? (more…)




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