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Tales from EMC World 2016: Building a Modern Data Center

Last year we built a data center as part of our efforts to display our full portfolio of products at EMC World. We would have never imagined the level of interaction and interest we received with hundreds of customers coming through the exhibit every day. Our customers, partners, and internal EMC folks love technology and there is no better way to get a ‘feel’ for it than actually touching it.

This year we decided to do the same thing showcasing some of the most exciting technology advances in years. We organized our live modern data center by 5 key pillars:

Building a modern data center 2

Flash – everyone understands the benefits of Flash from a performance perspective, mainly delivering predictable low response times. But supply-side innovation is allowing us to embed much denser 3D-NAND technologies delivering unprecedented density and lowering CAPEX and OPEX in ways not possible before. All Flash arrays make more sense than ever and we showcased the coolest kids on the block:

  • Unity All Flash systems combining the benefits of flash with unprecedented efficiency and simplicity. Unity is built with end-to-end simplicity in mind bringing innovation like an HTML5-based GUI and a REST API to simplify operations. We also previewed CloudIQ, a cloud-based analytics dashboard to address and manage larger topologies much more proactively.
  • VMAX All Flash combining the benefits of flash with uncontended data services and availability features like SRDF. Through the integration with CloudArray customers can be strategic about their hybrid cloud strategy. Flash where you need it and cloud where you don’t.
  • XtremIO is the uncontended all flash array market leader delivering integrated copy data management capabilities allowing customers to leverage flash in ways they could never before. Being able to deliver copies on demand means better business agility. Being able to do so without tradeoffs around performance and efficiency is the hallmark of the XtremIO architecture and something competitors struggle to match.
  • One interesting addition to our data center this year was DSSD which helps our customers get business outcomes faster than ever before by essentially stripping code out of the IO path while preserving the benefits of shared storage. Server-side flash has often been used but leads to stranded storage and the need to shuffle data around, limited capacity, and no enterprise features to secure the data set. Compare that to DSSD D5, which can provide 144TB capacity, deliver 10MM IOPS at microseconds response times, all in 5U.


GoDaddy Cuts Storage Costs and Improves the Customer Experience with Data Domain

Caitlin Mahoney

Senior Marketing Program Manager, EMC, Core Technologies Division
Caitlin Mahoney is a senior marketing program manager focusing on customer references for EMC’s Core Technology Division. As a 2013 graduate of Saint Michael's College in Vermont, she majored in Business Administration with a focus in Management and minored in Religious Studies. Caitlin studied abroad in Georgetown, Guyana in the summer of 2012. She was also a four year NCAA Division 2 Athlete as a member of the Women's Varsity Lacrosse Team. This year Caitlin ran her first Boston Marathon.

We caught up with Thomas Costello, GoDaddy’s senior manager for Enterprise Storage, at EMC World in May and got to hear about his very successful first year at the company, which he attributes in part to EMC® Data Domain®.

When Costello arrived at GoDaddy, the domain name registrar and web hosting company, he was put in charge of all things storage-related and given two immediate tasks: 1) reduce storage costs, and 2) improve the customer experience by more quickly restoring data that users accidently delete. By bringing in a Data Domain protection storage system, he accomplished both before he’d been there a year!

But let’s back up. You’ve no doubt heard of GoDaddy, but did you know that the company has more than 62 million domain names under management and 14 million customers with web sites?

It was the cost of storing those 14 million customers’ web site data that Costello was asked to get under control. That was no mean feat, since there was both primary and protection data to manage. When Costello arrived, in addition to having tape backup systems in all of its data centers, GoDaddy had another 40,000 tapes stored off-site; amounting to some 38 PB of backup data in total.

Costello’s first step was to understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the tape backup operations and he soon found that it was more than anyone had realized. He then contrasted this against the TCO of disk-based backup solutions from a shortlist of vendors. “By far the lowest cost, not just per gigabyte but total cost for the operations of those devices, was Data Domain,” he says. “It was significant, a clear winner on total cost of ownership.” (more…)

Modernizing the Data Center – What is Everyone Else Doing?

Stephen Manley

CTO, EMC Core Technologies Division
Over the past 15 years at both EMC and NetApp, I have traveled the world, helping solve backup and recovery challenges - one customer at a time (clearly, I need to optimize my travel arrangements!). My professional mission is to transform data protection so that it accelerates customers’ businesses. I have a passion for helping engineers pursue technical career path(without becoming managers), telling stories about life on the road and NDMP (yes, that’s NDMP).

“What is everybody else doing?” It’s the question that I’m asked most often. Sometimes, those asking are wondering how their peers are approaching things. Others want to know if different industries have alternate perspectives. Sometimes, they just want to understand what their boss is worried about. Regardless of the reason, it’s useful to understand what smart IT leaders are doing – not to blindly copy them, but to have all the information and options available to them.

At EMC World 2016, we brought together four IT leaders to talk about incorporating cloud, leveraging data analytics, and how to innovate using the talent they already have.

This year’s panelists:

  • Jason Kalich – VP, Cloud & Site Reliability Engineering, GoDaddy
  • Dietmar Reinelt – VP, Cloud Infrastructure Services, SAP
  • Eric Coss – Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, Nationwide
  • Amr Awadallah – CTO, Co-Founder, Cloudera

The panel can be viewed online or below, but if you like the previews as much as the movie, or if you prefer the CliffsNotes to the novel (by the way, why did they change their name from Cliff’s Notes to CliffsNotes?), read on.

Public Cloud – What to Do
Due to the varied industries and roles, each panelist had a different perspective on adopting public cloud. Unlike years past, however, each viewpoint was well-defined and not reactive.

cloud panelThe panel spanned the continuum of public cloud adoption. Jason Kalich, from GoDaddy, believes that everybody will live in a hybrid cloud; even acompany that doesn’t organically embrace the public cloud will acquire somebody who has. Conversely, Eric Coss, of Nationwide, who works in the risk-aware insurance industry, is concerned about security and data services in the public cloud. As a result, he’s focused on private cloud. Eric is not alone in his approach. Amr Awadallah pointed out that, even for a cutting-edge analytics company with “Cloud” in the name, only 15% of Cloudera’s customers run in the cloud. He supports Jason’s view on the market direction, however; he projects that by the end of 2016, 30% of Cloudera’s customers will run in the cloud. Finally, Dr. Reinelt shared that SAP is enabling their customers to make that transition when they’re comfortable. Some customers jump right into public cloud, but others want to take smaller steps. For private cloud, SAP is enabling customers to leverage commodity hardware. Everybody’s cloud journey will be different, and companies like Cloudera and SAP are tailoring their solutions to fit their customers’ path to the cloud.

The public cloud is a viable option for customers and vendors. There will be no “one-size-fits-all” answer to the cloud. There are good reasons to adopt and equally strong reasons to be cautious. Regardless of where you stand, it’s important to have a well-defined position that you are willing to review as the environment and business needs evolve. (more…)

Drowning in Copy Data? It’s Time to Bring Order to the Copy Data Chaos

Caitlin Gordon

Director, Product Marketing, Storage Division
Caitlin has spent the past eleven years focused on all things storage and data protection, with a focus on enterprise storage. When she is not blogging, Caitlin spends her energy on her other passions as a tech nerd, sports nut and mama bear. With her “free time” (aka when she’s not chasing down one of her two young kids), she’s researching and discussing the latest tech rumors or celebrating/lamenting the latest Boston sports heartbreak/victory. You can also find Caitlin on Twitter (@caitsgordon) and YouTube.

The Copy Data Problem
Are you tired of hearing about data growth?   Are you even more tired of coping with it?  The dirty little secret of this unabated/exponential/non-stop data growth is that it’s being driven by copy data.  Copies could be anything from a snapshot, backup, replica or a copy made for test/dev, analytics or operations functions.  According to IDC, up to 60% of storage capacity is dedicated to copy data today and it will cost business over $50B in 2018.

In fact, a recent study shows that 82% of businesses have at least 10 copies of any one production instance of data.   So it’s no surprise that the vast majority of organizations expect to spend more on storage this year than last.   What you probably don’t know is that the #1 reason that organizations expect to spend less this year is the use of effective copy data management.   Unfortunately, that’s a small minority (20%) of businesses today, which is why we still can’t stop talking about or dealing with data growth.  So what can you do about it?


The Answer
The copy data problem is too broad and complex to solve with a one size fits all approach.  It requires a strategic approach that will ultimately drive down costs and curb storage growth.

First, you need to optimize your infrastructure efficiency to ensure you’re getting the most out of your storage and data protection assets.  That requires storing the right number of copies on the right storage devices and ensuring that data is both protected and accessible.  You will need to have a combination of all flash primary storage with incredibly efficient copy creation as well as protection storage, which minimizes storage requirements while ensuring recoverability.

Next, you need to balance the autonomy data owners crave with control of IT resources to streamline operations.   This is especially critical because a major driver of copy sprawl is the move to self-service copy creation with data owners (database admins, storage admins, VM admins, etc.) all creating copies from their native UIs.  However, without global oversight, this self-service model can massively proliferate copy sprawl.

Finally, you always need to meet service levels across the enterprise to minimize risk,– including data loss and downtime.  In fact, IDC estimates that downtime costs customers a million dollars per hour and our Global Data Protection Index found this adds up to nearly a one trillion dollar loss globally.  And this is expense that is totally avoidable by putting the right solution in place.


The EMC Copy Data Management Family
With the introduction of EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management today, EMC now offers a family of copy data management (CDM) solutions designed to complement our extremely efficient storage and protection technologies.   EMC’s CDM solutions are designed to comprehensively address the copy data problem and include:

Don’t drown in a sea of copy data. Let EMC throw you a life preserver with EMC CDM solutions.


Get Ready for EMC World Live and Online

Jamie Doherty

Consultant Social Media Engagement Manager, Dell EMC
Jamie brings over 20 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing and has worked for companies like Direct to Retail Advertising, The Robb Report Magazine and She joined Dell EMC over four years ago to manage the Advanced Software Division’s social media strategy, and since then has taken on the challenge of managing the social media strategy for Dell EMC's Core Technologies Division. Her newest role will be managing Digital Campaigns for the Dell EMC Data Protection Division as well as leading strategy for Social Media in both the Data Protection and Storage Divisions. Jamie is also a Beachbody Coach helping to inspire others to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. When she is not Tweeting on behalf of Dell EMC or working out to Beachbody, you can find her at a live music venue watching her favorite artist or planning her next theme party. Follow her on Twitter @MnkyGrl47 or @CoachFab40

I love modern technology.  I don’t know where I would be these days without my phone and specifically the apps on my phone.   Need to know who that actor is on the new TV show you’re watching because you know you’ve seen him somewhere? IMDB is right there on your smart phone to look it up.  Are you lost on the way to the concert venue?  Navigate with Google Maps.  Want to see where your friends are tonight? That’s easy! You’ve got Facebook.  Want to know what’s happening now? Twitter is right there with all the top trending news.  With all of these great tools at our fingertips we never have to miss out on anything.Virtual EMC World Official

The same goes for EMC World.  There are thousands of lucky people who have and will take the pilgrimage to experience EMC World live.  Others have been hoping this year would be the year the boss would finally say yes!  But, even if they don’t, you don’t need to miss out, just because you can’t be in Vegas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the EMC World planning and execution team for the last four years.  How I experience EMC World –  and how you can too – has changed so much due to modern technology even in my short four years.

Our team has been working really hard for the last few months to bring you the most amazing EMC World experience yet.  And extra effort has gone into making sure that, whether you’re on site or not, you’ll to be able to witness all of the big announcements as they happen and also join in on all the fun. Here’s what you can expect:

What are the big announcements you won’t want to miss?  Well, I can’t tell you what they are but I can give you a hint!  Hear Core Technologies Division President Guy Churchward not talk about what to expect!

In all seriousness here is what you really need to know:

  • Monday May 2 at 9am PT you will want to be following @EMCStorage on Twitter. Why? We will announce how you will finally be able to simplify and modernize your data center, flexibly and affordably.  To learn even more, if you are on site at EMC World, be sure to be at the general session at 10am PT.  If you’re not on site, no worries!  You can watch it live by clicking here!
  • If that big news was not enough, get ready for some data protection announcements that will knock your socks off! Monday May 2 at 9am PT you will want to be following @EMCProtectData to get all the news first. What will you learn? Let’s just say we’ve got good news if you’re grappling with the $50 billion copy data problem.  You’ll also learn how to simplify and reduce costs for long-term retention in the cloud.  An even deeper dive can be seen at 10am PT at the general session or right here live on line.

Beyond the big announcements, our booth (#364) in the solutions pavilion is going to be awesome this year.  Remember this from 2015:

This year you will experience the Modern Data Center in augmented reality. The virtual experiences won’t stop there either.  You will have the opportunity to rub elbows with one of the world’s greatest rock bands and feel the need for speed with a ride on racing legend John McGuinness’s motorcycle.

After you’ve had some virtual fun our experts will be waiting for you to take the GURU assessment.  What is a GURU Assessment?  It’s the opportunity to check the health of your storage and data protection.  It includes a flash assessment, EMC SAN Health, backup assessment, and an expert to walk you through the results.

And don’t worry if you won’t be there to experience this live.  This is why I love Twitter so much!  The booth experience will be brought to you virtually through @EMCStorage and @EMCProtectData on Twitter.

To make sure you are a part of all the action May 2 through May 4:

  • Follow @EMCStorage and @EMCProtectData on Twitter
  • Use and search by #EMCWorld on Twitter
  • Visit us live in booth #364
  • Watch the general sessions live or online

And If you really want to have some fun with us, go on Twitter now and tell us what song really pumps you up by using #MyEMCWorldSong – You never know what might get tweeted out live from the event! Hope to see you at EMC World both live and virtually on Twitter!




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