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Doug Fierro

Senior Director, Connectrix and Storage Networking at EMC
Doug Fierro is responsible for the Connectrix Business Unit which drives strategy and product delivery of storage networking technologies at EMC. This includes responsibility for delivering storage networking technologies that EMC sells within the Connectrix and EMC Select product lines, or qualifies within end-to-end solutions. These storage networking technologies include Fibre Channel, Ethernet, iSCSI, FCoE, Network Virtualization and WAN acceleration. Doug has 30 years of technical and marketing experience in the computer and storage industry, which includes 20 years at EMC.

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“Why should I buy this now?” Have you ever thought that while looking at the latest products, whether that’s new technology, entertainment systems, sports equipment or anything else?

Do you wonder, “Will it provide more value, better performance, or just a give me something to brag about with my friends?”

Ultimately, you’re trying to decide “Is it worth the investment now, or should I wait?”

That decision process happens all the time when purchasing new products, especially if they are the latest technology. And it is happening again in the Fibre Channel technology race, as the industry is entering the next generation of product cycles, anchored by the latest 32Gb speed, and supported by new capabilities that extend Fibre Channel for the next generation of IT.

When is Enough…Enough???
When your business stops growing, when your customers stop requiring new levels of service, and when your budgets are infinite.X6-8_front Since that is not happening anytime soon, this is a great time to think ahead; position for today and tomorrow; and let new technology provide a way to solve challenges and add value to your business.

EMC, and our close partner Brocade, are giving you that opportunity today. With the latest EMC Connectrix B-Series products, we have worked with Brocade to deliver an industry leading series of 32Gb Fibre Channel systems that are available now, and will help you solve your most critical IT issues today and into the 2020s.

Keeping up with the All Flash Arrays
It is no secret that All Flash storage arrays are changing IT. What has been a bit of a mystery is how your FC storage network can enhance your All Flash array experience. It is amazing how many customers are introducing All Flash arrays into their environment, and connecting them to 5 year old (or older) FC networks. The result is similar to putting a board under the gas pedal of a Formula I car and expecting it to accelerate to top-end speed. It is just not going to happen.

Updating your FC SAN now will help you get the greatest value from your newest All Flash arrays. Doing that with the newest Connectrix B-Series will position you to experience top-end performance now and for many years to come. So you are ready to keep updating your storage environment no matter what new arrays you introduce into your Data Center.

That is future proofing with a purpose… (more…)

Connectivity Matters For All Flash Storage Environments

Deirdre Wassell

Director, Dell EMC Connectrix Product Marketing
From mainframe operations, to systems programming, to storage product management, to technical product marketing, Deirdre Wassell’s career reflects her prodigious interest in technology.

Flash is transforming the data center but storage speeds mean nothing if I/O bottle necks prevent businesses from achieving its potential ’Why?  Think about high-speed train travel.  You can’t just buy a fleet of high-speed engines and send them out on rails built for more moderate speeds.  Likewise, a move to all flash storage should include a review of network decisions made in the years of spinning discs.

All Flash Storage Networking Requirements – Can You Say “Fibre Channel”?
Flash-based storage requires a network that is deterministic with low latencies and is easy to manage.  Fibre Channel has always delivered low latency, deterministic behavior, scalability and reliability.  Fibre Channel also has a higher assumed quality of service and provides six 9s reliability.   Fibre Channel was designed to use the Layer 2 network protocol, which requires less CPU utilization to encapsulate a payload than is required by storage over IP networks, which means the architecture of Fibre Channel itself provides inherent value. (more…)




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