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Losing Data Is No Treat

Brian Heckert

Principal Content Editor, Dell EMC
My first long-term exposure to technology was the typewriter. I still love that invention, which really sparked my interest in writing. For the past 20 years, I have worked in high tech as a content development specialist, marketing writer, and documentation editor. Prior to working in the software industry, I was a journalist, photographer, photo editor, and military fire fighter. After hours, I enjoy spending time with family, reading, and hiking in the mountains.

The truth is, when it comes to Halloween, we all like the treats (the best), but none of us want the tricks (the worst). That’s an easy choice when it’s October 31. But when we’re facing life as it really is, we don’t always get to choose. For example, sometimes disasters happen, and no amount of wishing is going to change the inevitable.

Grinning pumpkin lantern or jack-o'-lantern.

I am reminded of a neighbor friend of mine who really enjoys Halloween. On that day he can dress up to look like just about anything frightening. During all other days of the year he works for a commercial and home restoration service company (that is, his business cleans up damage and makes repairs after disasters such as a flood, fire, or earthquake). He once said something to me that I’ve never forgotten: Expect the best, prepare for the worst. Although my neighbor was referring to structural damage, recently it got me thinking about the likelihood of “data damage.”

Fortunately, there are proven methods that allow you to be proactive about safeguarding your data from potential disasters—whether human-made (including ransomware!) or natural—and ensuring that you always have 24×7 access to your important files. For a moment, let’s consider the current threat landscape to your business’s data.

As emphasized in the recent Global Data Protection Index (GDPI), there are a number of reasons why data protection—which includes data backup—is so critical. The GDPI found that of those organizations surveyed, 52% of them suffered unplanned system downtime in the last 12 months, and 29% suffered data loss. Whether it’s ransomware (36% of organizations reported internal or external security breaches, according to index) or hardware failure (hardware failure is still the number one cause of data loss and/or system downtime, according to the GDPI), a massive data breach can happen faster than you think. In fact, once cyber criminals gain access to a system, it takes just six minutes for these law breakers to compromise an organization, and they can do that successfully 60% of the time.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your data is sufficiently protected, consider the following questions:

  • If a natural disaster (such as a flood, fire, or earthquake) were to occur right now, would your business-critical data be protected?
  • Let’s assume you’re already backing up your data. If a disaster were to occur right now, how quickly could you access your important files?
  • If your business were to be compromised by ransomware, would you be able to restore your data to a point in time when you know that your data is free from the malicious effects of that cyberattack? And how long would it take for you to perform that restore?

In the event of “data damage,” Dell EMC Mozy Enterprise protects files on desktops, laptops, and other devices both inside and outside the corporate network. This automated cloud backup solution also allows users to securely synchronize files across their computers, smartphones, and tablets. Your data is backed up, protected, and always accessible. That’s a 24×7 treat!

Not long ago I saw a quote that was similar to the one my neighbor shared with me: Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised. Funny, to be sure, but you don’t ever want to be surprised about losing your data. That’s a surprise you can never really be prepared for, especially if it jeopardizes business continuity and/or strains or even permanently damages customer relationships.

Even ghouls and goblins don’t want to encounter data loss. It’s just too frightening. The GDPI makes no surprises about data being at risk due to theft, loss, or damage; however, if your data is properly backed up and protected, data loss is one surprise you can avoid altogether. Now that’s a treat you can enjoy all year long.

Has Your Organization Implemented a Data Protection Plan? Learn the 3 Cs to Get Started

Peter Smails

Vice President, Product Marketing at EMC Corporation
Peter Smails is Vice President, Product Marketing at EMC Corporation. He joined EMC in October 2011 and is responsible for go-to-market strategy, planning, and execution for EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Solutions. Prior to joining EMC, he was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Storwize Inc with responsibility for all corporate marketing, including branding, press and analyst relations, and demand generation, as well as product, solution, alliances, services marketing, and field readiness. Before Storwize he spent 5 years at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) with responsibility for product and solutions marketing strategy and execution for their $2.5 billion hardware, software, and services portfolio. Prior to HDS, he served as Vice President of Product Management for OTG Software, with worldwide responsibility for the company’s complete line of storage, content, and email management solutions. Prior to OTG, he held senior technical, sales, and marketing management positions at Smart Storage and Lotus Development Corporation. . Smails received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from New York University.

International hackers, massive power outages, and other data disasters have recently been making the top of the news lately.  These days IT organizations continue to be challenged by unplanned downtime and data loss costing them over a trillion dollars per year.   Does your organization have a strong data protection strategy?
dataprotectionEMC recently commissioned a study called the Global Data Protection Index.  The study showed that 13% of Enterprises were considered leaders or adopters who already had an advanced data protection strategy in place.  This group is less likely to encounter a data disruption.  The surprising number was the 87% of Enterprises that are still in the evaluator or laggard category and are open to big data disasters without a protection plan in place. (more…)

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

Jay Livens

Director, Product Marketing
Jay’s passion is technology. It started when he was a child and used to take apart flashlights and could not remember how to put them back together. You can imagine how that turned out especially when power outages occurred. However, Jay persisted and charted a course through life that included a lengthy stop in the financial services industry. After receiving an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, his path turned towards storage and he had stints with a storage reseller, a storage startup and a couple of big storage companies. After serving in multiple roles, Jay settled on marketing as his future career-path; however, he is not your typical marketer. All things technology intrigue him and he likes to know how things work, not just the marketing stuff, but how stuff really works. At Dell EMC, Jay runs field and channel marketing for the Data Protection and Storage Divisions in the Americas and looks forward to sharing his perspectives on his division, products and life in general.

In December, EMC launched the Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) which was a survey that interviewed 3,300 end users across the globe. There were many interesting findings, and I encourage you to visit the study’s microsite to learn more.  (more…)

Improve the Health of Your Business – 3 Resolutions for 2015

Jim Clancy

Senior Vice President, Global Sales for EMC's Data Protection Solutions
Jim has a long history in the data protection market, and over the past 10 years has held numerous sales leadership positions for EMC’s data protection division. Recognized for his long-time service, Jim joined EMC in 1989 initially as an inside sales representative.

It’s human nature to look at the New Year as a new opportunity.

It’s a new start. A time to look at what we accomplished last year and what we aspire to accomplish this year. Resolutions often fall into categories to improve our well being – to lose that 10 pounds, exercise more, drink less…

But do you create resolutions that focus on the health of your business? (more…)

Top 10 Causes of Disruption – How to Ensure a Stress Free Festive Season

Shane Moore

Director, Product Marketing, Core Technologies APJ
I have been in the IT industry for close to 20 years and started my career as an Officer in the Australian Air Force. For my first posting, I had a choice to either manage a national network of servers or run a warehouse (the physical kind). Thankfully, I chose the former and subsequently managed infrastructure in a number of public and private organizations. Later, I started selling and then marketing IT solutions for Computer Associates and now EMC. I have a passion for technology and I am excited by the way it continues to transform our lives. In my current role, I work across Asia promoting EMC’s data protection solutions, spending time with analysts and writing articles for traditional and social media. In my spare time, I provide IT support for my family and enjoy the outdoors. For the record, Top Gun is my favorite movie of all time!

holiday shopperOutages and data loss are an all too familiar occurrence. In the recently announced EMC Global Data Protection Index, 64% of companies said they had experienced major disruptions in the past 12 months.   The study revealed that while natural disasters and other major catastrophes make the headlines, it is common place incidents such as power loss and hardware failures that are most likely to take your systems out and corrupt your data.   I have listed below the top causes of disruptions (in reverse order) as revealed in the study, and some tips on how to stop them spoiling your holiday plans.





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