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Data Protection Everywhere: Droning on about Converged Infrastructure Data Protection

Tom Giuliano

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Data Protection Management Software Solutions
For 17 years, Tom has brought storage, data protection, security and wireless products to market through roles in product marketing, product management and sales. He loves to speak with customers and prospects about their business goals and challenges, their experiences and their needs, and has had a lot of opportunity to do it. Backed with a master’s degree in Engineering and an MBA, Tom is equally comfortable digging into the details with technical personnel as well as translating and delivering the business value story. But honestly – TELLING STORIES is SO much more FUN for him! Tom's current role in product marketing focuses on data protection management solutions and management strategy. He gets to spend his days thinking about how to help you simplify and enhance your experience achieving your data protection objectives. When not driving go-to-market initiatives, identifying unique and creative methods to build product awareness or launching new and innovative offerings, you’ll likely find him cycling, skiing, boating or running. And, who knows, maybe you’ll hear some of more of his interesting experiences in a future post from time to time.

Drones.  Quadcopters.  Small remote-controlled flying vehicles.  Whatever you want to call them, they were THE hot item this holiday season.  I had two orders cancelled by Amazon once they determined they were accepting orders beyond inventory capacity.  It was a miracle I was finally able to find one for my son at a local store.

converged infrastructure drone 1

As an 11 year old, my son was initially challenged with the vehicle controls.  The controller had 2 joysticks, 2 elevation buttons, a start button, a “trick” button, trim/elevation/turning fine-tuning buttons, takeoff and landing buttons and a LCD display.  And learning how to manage the vehicle occurred only after he had manually built much of the tiny aircraft.  That’s a lot for anyone to accomplish in short time before they can get value (fun!) out of it.  And even then, I still needed to be in the flight area to protect pictures, lamps and the cats from being hit.

converged infrastructure drone 2 (more…)

Smart Buyers are After Integrated Products

John Dentinger

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
John’s passion for creating compelling content and communicating the benefits of great products have aligned as he explores the world of protection storage. Interning in Product Marketing with EMC while pursuing his MBA exposed John to the world of technology and the astounding power of Dell EMC’s data protection offerings. Outside of work, John likes to ski, enjoys gaming & media, and collects vinyl records. John is a graduate of the MBA program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, where he specialized in Product & Brand Management and Marketing Analytics.

For a lot of people, there is nothing more valuable than the convenience of a combined solution. In today’s demanding business world, professionals place a lot of emphasis on expediency and strive for optimal processes. But even outside of work, we all love it when a purchase is simple and when everything you need can be obtained with ease. That is why integrated products are so popular.
smart buyers 1

Parents with little ones certainly understand this perspective. A mom or dad’s day can quickly fill with tedious tasks, which makes products that cut out preparation very appealing. This is why pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a hit—having that preparation completed ahead of time allows parents to focus on what is important instead of assembling sandwiches.

Products across all categories have adopted this better together sentiment. Billiards manufacturers release tables that feature ping pong and pool; skiers and snowboarders look for coats or helmets that have headphones built-in; wide-eyed party goers ogle at the pulsating light of a bulb that doubles as a speaker. And of course, the school cafeteria is home to more examples than just those converged sandwiches – the Spork may be the most well-known integrated product out there. The cafeteria staff knows they can simplify their purchasing if kids can use one utensil to eat either their soup or chicken nuggets.

As Guy Churchward has highlighted on this blog, the iPhone is hyper-converged. Smartphones are all-in-one digital products, combining a cell phone with media player, a GPS unit, a digital camera, etc. Smartphone accessory makers have carried this thought process into the physical world, producing many popular smartphone cases that double as wallets. Those who use these cases are integration super fans, opting to carry all of their most important physical and digital assets in one simple package. (more…)

Technologies Disrupt, Consumption Models Transform

Scott Delandy

Technical Director, EMC Core Technologies Division
Scott Delandy is Technology Director with EMC’s Core Technology Division (including VMAX, XtremIO, VNX, Data Domain, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint). Scott has been in IT for 25 years and has wide range of expertise across storage, virtualization, mission critical systems, and cloud computing. In his current role, he is responsible for driving strategy and technology alignment across product groups, working with users and partners to accelerate IT transformation initiatives across infrastructure and operations, and managing CTD's Leadership Development Program to identify, mentor, and develop high potential talent. His previous roles include product management, market and technology analysis, and technical field support. Scott is also a member of the EMC Elect social media community, an EMC TV correspondent, and is SPEED certified.

As everyone who works in IT knows, we are living in arguably one of the most disruption 1fascinating and exciting times since the industry was created many decades ago.  The tectonic shifts in technologies, markets, and consumption models are radically reshaping the IT landscape. It’s providing folks in IT with new challenges to adapt and evolve, as well as new opportunities, to define the future and lead. What’s driving these shifts and who will be leaders in this next wave of IT?

Disruptive technologies relate to new products, services, and innovations that radically change an industry or business strategy. They often create new markets by disrupting existing ones. Within IT, there are lots of good innovation examples. But how are disruptive technologies such as software defined “anythings”, converged/hyper-converged “somethings”, and all flash “everthings” driving today’s transformational shifts in IT?

disruption 2 If your view is through the lens of an organization that develops and integrates these technologies, it seems obvious to draw the connection that they are driving the shifts we are seeing today.  But for users (i.e. the consumers of the services delivered by cool technologies) these gadgets are merely a means to an end. For users, it’s about the way the technology is delivered and consumed that drives major transformation shifts across entire industries. (more…)




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