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Performance Testing Made Simpler with iCDM

Bala Chandrasekaran

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Bala Chandrasekaran is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC and delivers marketing efforts for All Flash primary storage. He brings to Dell EMC his 12 years of IT industry experience across various customer facing roles including pre-sales, consulting and technical services. He is a certified professional in IBM DB2 and Oracle Databases. He has an undergraduate engineering degree from Anna University, India and MBA from Foster School of Business of University of Washington.

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At the recently concluded Oracle Open World show in San Francisco, many mutual customers of Oracle and Dell EMC shared how their organizations benefited from the consistent low IO response time from Dell EMC All Flash storage.

In one of the conversations, a DBA mentioned that having production databases on all flash storage while the test databases are on a slower disk-based storage system posed interesting challenges in database performance tuning and diagnosis. He went on to share how ‘Top Wait events’ on the Oracle AWR reports and the access paths suggested by the SQL Explain reports were different across production and test databases. Since the test databases were hosted on a slower disk-based storage system, he said, the application wait events observed in production were hidden behind the “User IO” class wait events in the test.

Traditionally, IT teams’ approach for performance testing has been to manage a production-like infrastructure with complete production data. When time is of the essence, database specialists would migrate the schema statistics from production and use optimizer hints on SQLs to influence database optimizer in order to pick a particular access path.

Although the proactive performance testing ahead of going live helps to reduce risk, these approaches have been complex, time consuming, and cost prohibitive. While the benefits of all flash storage are obvious for production environments, justifying flash-based media for test databases has been difficult.

I’m happy to share that, now, database and application teams can unlock Rapid Tuning with integrated Copy Data Management (iCDM) available on Dell EMC All Flash Storage. Be it for either diagnosing a performance problem in production or evaluating the performance in the application development lifecycle, it is very easy to make a high-performance application-consistent copy of a database on Dell EMC All Flash Storage in a space-efficient way.


Consolidation of performance-sensitive non-production databases as virtual copies on Dell EMC all flash arrays automatically simplifies database operational activities such as upgrade and patching required ahead of testing. Since the test database copies also inherit the enterprise-class data services such as encryption and compression, the I/O performance would be completely comparable to that in production. (more…)

We Saw a Thousand Oracle DBAs and We Rocked Them All

Jamie Doherty

Consultant Social Media Engagement Manager, Dell EMC
Jamie brings over 20 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing and has worked for companies like Direct to Retail Advertising, The Robb Report Magazine and She joined Dell EMC over four years ago to manage the Advanced Software Division’s social media strategy, and since then has taken on the challenge of managing the social media strategy for Dell EMC's Core Technologies Division. Her newest role will be managing Digital Campaigns for the Dell EMC Data Protection Division as well as leading strategy for Social Media in both the Data Protection and Storage Divisions. Jamie is also a Beachbody Coach helping to inspire others to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. When she is not Tweeting on behalf of Dell EMC or working out to Beachbody, you can find her at a live music venue watching her favorite artist or planning her next theme party. Follow her on Twitter @MnkyGrl47 or @CoachFab40

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be a part of the EMC Rocks Oracle Open World event out in San Francisco.  We took over the elan Events Center on Howard Street to create a venue that acted as a genius bar and haven for those attending Oracle Open World.  I say haven because, if you’ve been to a large conference, you know the biggest complaints you hear are always “I couldn’t get a seat at the keynote”, “I missed the lunch hour”, “it’s too crowded”, or “the booths were so busy I did not get enough 1×1 time with the experts”.
banner1We wanted to take a different approach.  Our idea was to provide the following:

  • A space that people would have plenty of room to watch the keynote streaming live while they were enjoying a great breakfast
  • EMC and Oracle Solutions Experts available all day long for that intimate conversation
  • Small sessions on topics Oracle DBAs would need to be more successful in their roles while serving healthy and hearty meals in a laid back space
  • An amazing customer appreciate party at the end of it all

So how did we do?  Let’s see the reviews on Twitter:


Beating the Odds with FAST Hinting

Howard Rubin

Consultant Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Storage Division
My name is Howard and I’m a marketing guy. There I said it! Admitting to it is the first step right? Truth be known, I started “life” as a phone support guy then got promoted to Sales Engineer due to my good looks. That role dragged on far too long. Hanging out in data centers at 3am installing and troubleshooting ATM and Frame Relay gear got old; just like that technology. When I’m not marketing tech stuff, I’m either playing with my own tech gear at home or travelling to some exotic destination with my incredible wife, Mary. Fifty/Fifty chance it’s a shopping or exotic beach destination next time you get my out-of-office message.

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EMC World 2015 kicked off in Las Vegas on May 4th and it always reminds me of the many people who travel from all over the world to visit Vegas. They come for the gambling. They come for the nightlife. They come to just getaway or be somebody else for a few days. As for me, I usually go for tradeshows or conferences.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Those who come to gamble will bring their own gambling guidelines, algorithms or tricks to beat “the house”. Perhaps you recall the Hollywood film “21” where a group of MIT and Harvard University students used card counting algorithms to win at blackjack in Las Vegas.  For them it was all about having a competitive advantage. Whether in Vegas or in life; tell me someone who doesn’t want a competitive advantage.

 Now let’s pivot this casino scenario into YOUR data center. Who’s prepared to place similar bets on workloads and available IOPS in YOUR data center at any moment in time? All bets off, right? Or is that your poker face? Data and workloads are growing and changing, it’s a fact of life. Your IT staff no longer has the time to manage technology.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the discussion changed from “how many disks of what type to allocate to which workloads” to “What performance does an application need to meet our business objectives? And how do I meet that requirement easily?”

So how can you get ahead of the game with your IT workloads?  What you need is a competitive advantage against the ebb and flow of mission critical application IOPS that could kick off at any time. Well, the answer lies in EMC’s VMAX3 and the HYPERMAX OS. It’s the first enterprise data services platform in the industry to have the ability to move application workloads automatically inside the array or to an external storage based on workload requirements. We call this capability Service Level Objective Management.  We deliver this using EMC’s FAST (Fully Automated Storage Technology). (more…)




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