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A Variety of Webinars to Fit Your Needs

Lauren Simpson

Principal Product Marketing Manager
Lauren is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at EMC working on the Experiential Marketing team. She helps drive customer-facing activities including engagement campaigns, events, webinar programs, and tradeshows. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two children.

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Are you curious about where your use case and product questions can be addressed? The Core Technologies team here at EMC has many ways to engage with you, at your convenience, to meet your needs. The most recent way to stay connected is our newly launched webinar series – a three-part program with different content and levels of complexity. There is a webinar to specifically address each unique facet of IT challenges.  This includes everything from cyber attacks, data duplication, complex application management, and data sprawl to the inability to support multiple virtual machines. If you have IT challenges, we have a solution to fit your needs.


EMC Tech Talks
The tech talk series provides you with an inside look at managing your experience with our products. The focus is primarily based on one product at a time due to the technical nature of the content. We utilize simulators, GUIs, and animated videos to drive the 30-minute conversation and address your questions as they arise.



Modernize Without Compromise”
andAre You Protected?”
These two series highlight how to efficiently store, protect, and manage your information wherever it lives. Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length, and they all offer the opportunity to ask questions via chat.



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We look forward to having you join our upcoming events!

All Flash Arrays, Don’t Forget Your Helmet!

Alyanna Ilyadis

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Alyanna is a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC working in data protection. She graduated from Bryant University in 2015 and has been working at Dell EMC since then. Outside of work, she enjoys illustrating and putting too much time into video games.

Super flash-blogIf you have a flash environment (Or know flash at all) you’re aware of its high performance. However, that high performance also demands the same level of speed in all aspects of its use. Meaning, you need to consider what you’re using to protect that all flash array, and know that you can’t skimp out on it. Not having the right data protection for your flash array would be like driving a racecar without a helmet – and everyone knows that’s a bad idea. Yet, the wrong protection solution can become a bottleneck to your mission critical workloads on flash, with your backup slowing down or even stopping your application.

When protecting a flash environment, there are some requirements to keep in mind. First, and foremost, is performance. Service Level Agreements are becoming stricter and your array needs the performance to meet these SLAs – which include backup windows, RPO and recovery time. Second is efficiency – flash storage, and the applications stored on them, can’t be impacted by protection. Having your flash array’s performance compromised is never an option. Last, but hardly the least, is agility. Since flash storage is usually a component of an ever evolving data center, it’s important that the data protection solution you implement evolve alongside your business.

There are three main pieces that are critical to consider when protecting an all flash array: Continuous availability, Replication for disaster recovery, and Backup and recovery.

Let’s start our discussion off with continuous availability, and how important it is to flash. All flash arrays give the best performance for the most demanding mission critical applications. These applications most often also need the highest level of availability. As the name suggests continuous availability is about keeping your mission critical applications always on.  Your availability solution should offer zero RTO and zero RPO even in the face of natural disasters and catastrophic hardware failures. In addition that same solution should offer a powerful data mobility engine that can eliminate planned downtime for time consuming storage tech refresh and workload balancing across arrays. (more…)

Founders Federal Credit Union Growing with EMC

Bob Bender

Chief Technology Officer, Founders Federal Credit Union and Guest Blogger

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Many people take financial services for granted and yet for others, fees and minimum balances make it difficult to get started. At Founders Federal Credit Union, providing affordable financial services and making them accessible to everyone is a primary goal. It’s part of our community focus that extends from helping people manage the health of their finances to volunteering at local food banks in the communities we serve.

That’s one reason Founders partners with EMC. In addition to providing industry-leading technology, EMC is recognized for outstanding community service. We’ve found a perfect marriage between our strategic visions and EMC products, which has been a game changer for Founders.

Our EMC infrastructure lets us spin up a business solution in two days compared to three months in the past. The demand for Information Technology services requires us to adjust daily in a growing sector of mobile services, governance and compliance.  With new payment channels such as Apple Pay and Bitcoin, we require technology that can adjust as quickly as our members’ needs.

Here’s how we did it: (more…)

Ready to Rock Your Role? Join the EMC Guru Band on Our Worldwide Tour!

Jay Livens

Director, Product Marketing
Jay’s passion is technology. It started when he was a child and used to take apart flashlights and could not remember how to put them back together. You can imagine how that turned out especially when power outages occurred. However, Jay persisted and charted a course through life that included a lengthy stop in the financial services industry. After receiving an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, his path turned towards storage and he had stints with a storage reseller, a storage startup and a couple of big storage companies. After serving in multiple roles, Jay settled on marketing as his future career-path; however, he is not your typical marketer. All things technology intrigue him and he likes to know how things work, not just the marketing stuff, but how stuff really works. At Dell EMC, Jay runs field and channel marketing for the Data Protection and Storage Divisions in the Americas and looks forward to sharing his perspectives on his division, products and life in general.

If there is one thing that I have learned working in IT, it’s that you can never be too well educated.  Our business is constantly changing with new technologies and use cases.  Where can an IT practitioner go to gain insights into the latest storage and data protection trends and technologies?  The answer is simple – the 2015 GURU U Tour.
In 2014, EMC launched our Data Protection User Group (DPUG) program, which incorporated 66 events across the globe.  The feedback was unanimously positive, and customers responded by asking for more sessions, more topics and more speakers.  We listened.

The 2015 GURU U tour covers a broader range of topics.  This year, customers are really rocking their role as we’ve extended the program to encompass both data protection and storage.  Attendees will emerge with a better understanding of both, current technologies, future offerings, and best of all, they will also network and share best practices with a broader set of peers.  Some of this year’s more heavily attended sessions include:

Flash Optimized Data Protection
The addition of SSD to the datacenter can dramatically enhance storage performance, which is particularly valuable for transactional workloads. What about data protection you ask?  Just as flash often requires you to rethink your storage strategies, it also requires you to rethink data protection.  In this session we talk about the challenges and opportunities associated with protecting data stored on flash.

Leveraging VNX for cloud environments
Cloud technologies are being considered for a range of new workloads, but you still need storage to power your cloud.  In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage VNX technology to deliver optimal performance in a private cloud environment. (more…)

EMC Storage Analytics – a Check-Engine Light for Your VMware Environment

Roxane Mody

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Roxane Mody joined EMC in 2000. She has held various positions in Market Research, Product Management and Product Marketing. She now drives the go-to-market and management portfolio in the Core Technologies Product Marketing team. Roxane actively supports the Sales organization to develop marketing, sales and promotional collateral, and is responsible for launching products/solutions into the market. Her previous experiences have been in process and website development, database management, event planning, and marketing retail banking services. Her education includes an MBA in Marketing and Information Systems, and an undergraduate degree in Business Management. Roxane’s interests include working out, jewelry and chasing after her two boys.

The “Good” Ole Days

storage analytics 1In the old days, you could drive your car on the road without any knowledge if the car had any problems with the tires, the engine, the oil, or filters.  You were unaware to any of the potential problems that were lurking inside of the car’s mechanical systems.

I don’t think I’d call that “good”.

Today’s new cars have come a long way – loaded with intelligent systems and state-of-the-art technology.  You are alerted if the tire pressure is low, the engine is running at high temperatures, or if the oil needs to be changed.

This is better, and ultimately creates a safer and more responsive vehicle. (more…)




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