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Modernized Data Protection for the SDDC

Deanna Hoover

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Deanna Hoover started her IT career over 30 years ago with a focus on software and hardware engineering. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries and has built a broad skillset ranging from writing machine code in a factory, migration of mainframe to client server, and storage architecture as well as systems and database administration. In August of 2004 Deanna made the move to EMC as a backup, recovery and archive presales SE. Since that time she has managed a Professional Services team and as of current is in marketing for Dell EMC with a focus on virtualization backup and recovery software. In her spare time Deanna enjoys the outdoors and participates in triathlons.


VMworld 2016 was a huge success and set a new record of 23,000 attendees in the US alone. The theme was   ‘be_tomorrow’ with focus on the technology, trends and people who are shaping the future of the digital business.

I asked several attendees how data protection of their environments fits into the be_tomorrow theme.

My findings:  Software Defined Data Center  (SDDC) is in the forefront of planning for modernizing data centers.  Data protection is an integral part of the SDDC strategy. Key requirements I heard from VMworld attendees:

  • Automation
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Multiple tiers of data protection

The SDDC enables customers to scale by rapidly provisioning applications across clouds and devices.  A few benefits of the SDDC include improved compliance, faster time to market, boost capacity and lower costs.

The evolution of the SDDC reminds me of when Henry Ford installed the first moving assembly line in 1910. His innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from 16 hours to 8 hours. Many years later, a digital factory with robots was created.  The digital factory reduces human error and repetitive processes. Technology within the factory continues to progress; however, technology failures increase the cost to do business.

What is the relationship between the assembly line and the SDDC?   The assembly line started the revolution of automation while reducing manual labor. The SDDC is the evolution of an agile digital business in which all the infrastructure is virtualized and delivered “as-a-service. Both require protection against failures and outages.

Outages within a SDDC have the potential of causing data loss – increasing your cost to do business. While very important, data protection is not always included during the provisioning process. (more…)

Protection Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center

Alyson Langon

A couple years ago, fresh out of Business School at Boston College, I started at EMC and dove head first into all things backup and archive, focusing on Data Domain systems. I love the challenge of communicating complicated technologies in innovative and engaging ways and there is certainly no shortage of inspiration at EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division. Outside of the tech world, I am an artist, animal lover and sufferer of wanderlust. You can also find me on Twitter achieving the perfect balance of data protection and cat gifs.

The IT industry is in the midst of a massive disruption from forces such as cloud, mobile devices and the internet of things. In order to meet these new demands, IT needs to innovate and optimize infrastructure. One of the key pillars in modernizing IT is the software-defined data center (SDDC), in which all elements of the infrastructure (compute, storage, network etc.) are virtualized and delivered as a service. In addition to enabling you to reduce and standardize hardware, this also paves a foundation for cloud initiatives.concept of a data server with data streams.

The SDDC is rapidly becoming a reality for businesses. If you are thinking about making the leap to the SDDC or in the midst of doing so, don’t let data protection become an afterthought. All of your data needs to be protected no matter where it resides and to the appropriate service level based in its business value. As you modernize your IT this point becomes even more important.  The flexibility and agility enabled by software-defined storage demands a data protection strategy that can match.

The key foundation for protecting the software defined data center is protection storage, which enables protection of data wherever it lives and in the most efficient way possible through advanced integration with applications and primary storage.  And with protection storage that is software defined, you can take the idea of data protection everywhere to the next level. As a software-only solution, users are empowered to quickly and easily deploy protection storage in a matter of minutes and in a variety of new deployment models – think converged infrastructure and public cloud.  Add in the additional flexibility of being able to gradually scale capacity and move it across sites as needed and the possibilities start to become endless. (more…)




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