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Data Protection Everywhere: Leading Protection Storage with Data Domain

John Dentinger

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
John’s passion for creating compelling content and communicating the benefits of great products have aligned as he explores the world of protection storage. Interning in Product Marketing with EMC while pursuing his MBA exposed John to the world of technology and the astounding power of Dell EMC’s data protection offerings. Outside of work, John likes to ski, enjoys gaming & media, and collects vinyl records. John is a graduate of the MBA program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, where he specialized in Product & Brand Management and Marketing Analytics.


As the introductory Data Protection Everywhere blog post made clear, Dell EMC’s data protection portfolio is equipped to deliver complete protection for enterprises of all sizes. No matter where data lives or what happens in the data center, Dell EMC offers the leading solution to keep your data protected. At the core of this Data Protection Everywhere strategy is Dell EMC Data Domain. Only a month after the Dell EMC deal closed, four new Data Domain systems were introduced – which makes now the ideal time to trust a single data protection vendor with your needs. The advanced defense provided by DD OS-powered solutions are critical to Dell EMC’s strategy of ensuring that your data is protected everywhere.

data-domain-protection-storageWith the near-exponential pace of data growth in recent years, enterprises big and small are recognizing their need for more protection storage. 90% of the world’s data was made in the last two years, after all. As backup administrators find themselves neck deep in backup data, they are demanding a solution that reduces protection storage needs by eliminating redundant data. This is what Data Domain has been known for — deduplication technology that will identify unique data in an incoming stream and store only what is unique. The new systems couple Data Domain’s variable-length deduplication with increased scalability to bring storage efficiency to data protection. The new high-end Data Domain DD9800 is 7 times more scalable than the closest competitor.

In 2016, Data Domain doubled down on Dell EMC’s commitment to protecting data everywhere with the launch of Data Domain Cloud Tier to help customers simplify and automate their path to the cloud. DD Cloud Tier sets Data Domain apart as the only protection storage to natively-tier deduplicated data to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Whether it’s Virtustream, Dell EMC ECS or a 3rd party cloud, DD Cloud Tier helps enterprises ensure that long-term retention data is protected no matter what.

DD Cloud Tier can store up to 2 times the capacity of the active tier on the Data Domain system. The new Data Domain DD9800, DD9300 & DD6800 all support this add-on for long-term retention in the cloud. These systems also support high availability configurations, enabling midmarket and large enterprise customers to achieve business continuity with a second Data Domain controller on standby. (more…)

Three New Year’s Resolutions for IT Leaders

Parasar Kodati

Product Marketing Manager
Parasar Kodati has more than ten years of experience in product management and marketing spanning scientific computing, embedded software development, and data acquisition technologies. When not working he may be found plotting with his mischievous daughter, cooking Indian street food or reading eastern philosophy.

The second half of the decade is around the corner. It’s that time of the year to reflect, refresh and even resolve. Weight loss and work out never goes out of fashion but I thought I would put myself in the shoes of IT leadership. There is so much pressure on IT to embrace every new paradigm or fad that sometimes it can be hard to stay focused on fundamentals. These fundamentals don’t change no matter where technology goes. Here is my take on some resolutions for 2016.

Look for opportunities to disrupt yourself
Technology continues to make the competitive arena a level playing field. It is a good time to envision what your business can do with the information you have in terms of acquiring, serving and retaining your customers and employees. Think about the infrastructure that you need for rearchitecting your IT to achieve those goals. What areas need retooling? Where is the biggest bang for the buck?

Spend less time firefighting
In an increasingly digital world the value of information continues to grow and so does the cost of firefighting after an IT infrastructure disaster (caused by man, machine or nature) to minimize data loss and downtime. With the right protection and availability strategy we have heard many customer stories where the business was delighted at the level of availability IT was able to provide in the face of severe natural disasters. (more…)

Archive First and Save Time Later with Data Archiving!

Jennifer Zhou

Product Marketing Manager, Core Technologies Division
I tell stories about how awesome EMC SourceOne archiving and Data Protection Search are! Prior to joining EMC in June 2014, I spent 2 years in the MBA program at University of Washington studying finance, marketing and entrepreneurship. I have worked in a few companies including F5 Networks, Microsoft, VMware and Blue Nile. Spare time activities include reading, yoga, hiking and playing with my cat Max. Follow me @JenniferZS1PMM

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tech puzzle piecesWhen enterprise customers face challenges trying to manage uncontrolled data and identify relevant data for compliance and eDiscovery, you will find that an archive solution can help. Archiving can help you identify files and data that are no longer active within your organization and move them off an expensive primary storage tier. It can also help you quickly locate relevant files during compliance and eDiscovery processes.

Savvy enterprise customers deploy archiving solutions for many budgetary and operational reasons:

Archiving helps you save primary storage costs.
For most organizations, the value of data declines over time. Therefore, newer data or current files demand the immediate availability that comes with a primary storage tier. Without an archiving solution, obsolete and aged data clog up your primary storage layer. This can become very costly with the exponential growth of big data in this information age.  By adopting a low-cost and reliable archiving solution that helps to move obsolete data from primary storage layers, you can speed up your applications and reduce management overhead. (more…)




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