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The Storage Admin is dead, Long Live the Storage Admin!

Scott Delandy

Technical Director, EMC Core Technologies Division
Scott Delandy is Technology Director with EMC’s Core Technology Division (including VMAX, XtremIO, VNX, Data Domain, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint). Scott has been in IT for 25 years and has wide range of expertise across storage, virtualization, mission critical systems, and cloud computing. In his current role, he is responsible for driving strategy and technology alignment across product groups, working with users and partners to accelerate IT transformation initiatives across infrastructure and operations, and managing CTD's Leadership Development Program to identify, mentor, and develop high potential talent. His previous roles include product management, market and technology analysis, and technical field support. Scott is also a member of the EMC Elect social media community, an EMC TV correspondent, and is SPEED certified.

storage admin kingNow before you send flowers and a note of condolence to your IT department, please be assured this is not a literal declaration. The above snowclone is based on a traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch immediately after the passing of the old. It’s a fitting proclamation, since many of the storage admins we meet talk about how the changing IT landscape is impacting their roles and leading them to develop new skills to keep pace.

The role of a storage administrator was introduced over 25 years ago when IT organizations began to separate their storage infrastructure from their compute and network infrastructure. There were many benefits of separating these decisions. IT could choose best of breed storage with more performance and better TCO. They could consolidate and share storage across heterogeneous server environments, leading to improved utilization and simplified management. Finally, to protect the variety of mission critical apps,  the storage administrator could implement a common data protection and business continuity strategy by taking advantage of common storage-level advanced replication and recovery services.

storage admin 1As storage infrastructures became more strategic to the business, IT organizations invested in resources with specialized skills and deep technical expertise, aka the storage admin. As a wise storage admin once told me, the reason why this role was so important is that “you can reboot the server, and you can resend the packet, but you can’t lose the data”. While new technologies such as virtualization, converged infrastructure, management orchestration, and automation have impacted how IT infrastructure is deployed and managed, the need to effectively store, secure, protect and manage the data remains. (more…)

A Software Defined Departure for EMC Midrange Storage

As many of you have heard by now, EMC World marked yet another significant event this year as EMC launched its first software-defined storage platform based on the industry-leading VNX midrange storage technology stack.  This first release of the vVNX enables users to create a virtual VNX unified storage environment on a standard VMware ESX platform, no VNX or VNXe hardware required.

New Deployment Options for Familiar Capabilities
Given the historically tight integration between the VNX operating environment and EMC’s purpose built hardware platforms, it is a mind shift to think about the uses for software that deploys on an industry standard server and virtualization platform.  This flexibility for extemporaneous deployments has opened up numerous opportunities for expanding non-production capabilities such as test and development

Treide-vVNXCustomer Response
Hundreds of EMC World participants attended the vVNX technical sessions at the event, anxious to meet with the development team, ask their questions and provide one-on-one feedback.  Users are responding to this first of its kind VNX capability with evident enthusiasm, downloading over 2,000 copies of the vVNX software in the ten days following the announcement. (more…)

Get Out of the Dark Ages on Data Protection Provisioning

Heidi Biggar

Marketing and IT Consultant, Data Protection and Availability Division at EMC Corporation
I’m often asked how a political science major at Tufts wound up in the IT world, covering backup, storage, virtualization and cloud of all things. Truth is, it’s really a love for learning, a need to understand the “bigger picture” and a desire to share that view with others that’s steered my path over the past 20 years, from campaign manager to editor, analyst and marketer. After hours, you’ll find me hanging with family, running 10ks through Peachtree City’s 90 miles of cart paths, watching football or reading. I’m a New England transplant enjoying life in the South. In my previous life, I also blogged for ComputerWorld, Enterprise Strategy Group and Hitachi Data Systems, but The Backup Window is my baby. It's been great watching it evolve.

Data Protection Provisioning 2.0

Third platform applications are changing the way organizations manage, consume, deliver and protect storage. They are increasingly cloud-enabled, use sophisticated development frameworks, and are instantly available from any device. However, many existing applications are still in traditional and dedicated storage silos with restricted protection policies and provisioning has one basic purpose – connect well-known users to on-premise enterprise applications. Provisioning 1.0 operates with only an IT focus, with no business context and is in the dark ages. Provisioning 2.0 has emerged as a modern and agile way to fill the provisioning gap and is guided by a few key characteristics: business-driven, simple user experience, intuitive process, easy to deploy and maintain, and meets cloud and mobile demands. (more…)

Eliminate the Quagmires in Your Data Protection Strategy

Alyson Langon

A couple years ago, fresh out of Business School at Boston College, I started at EMC and dove head first into all things backup and archive, focusing on Data Domain systems. I love the challenge of communicating complicated technologies in innovative and engaging ways and there is certainly no shortage of inspiration at EMC’s Data Protection and Availability Division. Outside of the tech world, I am an artist, animal lover and sufferer of wanderlust. You can also find me on Twitter achieving the perfect balance of data protection and cat gifs.

Are You on Solid Ground?

According to a recent survey by Vanson Bourne to over 3300 IT decision makers globally, 87% of businesses are behind the curve for data protection maturity and 71% of businesses are not fully confident of restoring their data and applications.  Collectively, these enterprises are losing $1.7 trillion through data loss and unplanned downtime. The more data protection vendors they throw at their problems, the more data loss they experienced and the cost of downtime exploded to 5X the level of using just one vendor. Sounds like the ground is swampy to me.  (more…)




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