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Founders Federal Credit Union Growing with EMC

Bob Bender

Chief Technology Officer, Founders Federal Credit Union and Guest Blogger

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Many people take financial services for granted and yet for others, fees and minimum balances make it difficult to get started. At Founders Federal Credit Union, providing affordable financial services and making them accessible to everyone is a primary goal. It’s part of our community focus that extends from helping people manage the health of their finances to volunteering at local food banks in the communities we serve.

That’s one reason Founders partners with EMC. In addition to providing industry-leading technology, EMC is recognized for outstanding community service. We’ve found a perfect marriage between our strategic visions and EMC products, which has been a game changer for Founders.

Our EMC infrastructure lets us spin up a business solution in two days compared to three months in the past. The demand for Information Technology services requires us to adjust daily in a growing sector of mobile services, governance and compliance.  With new payment channels such as Apple Pay and Bitcoin, we require technology that can adjust as quickly as our members’ needs.

Here’s how we did it: (more…)




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