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Aaron Bairos

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC, Data Protection
Aaron is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Brandeis University and a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC. He’s been with Dell EMC/RSA for over 5 years now across multiple roles in security and data protection. When not working he enjoys being a tourist in new cities and spending time with family and friends. Follow him on Twitter: @AaronBairos

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Protecting Virtualized Environments
I remember being at Marist College a few years ago completing my last assignment as an undergrad student called “capping”. Capping was a required course that all students had to take in order to graduate. It’s designed to bring together everything you’ve learned throughout your time at Marist and bring them to life through real-life scenarios. Graduating with a Finance degree meant I had to come up with a financial business plan and then present to my panel of “sharks”. It consisted of sales forecasts, expense budgets and cash flow statements but before I bore you, I’ll stop there. It was a very tedious course and students all around campus cringe at the thought of having to take it.

As part of this course Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop were required and offered in our lab, however, PCs running the software were antiquated and slow. The university virtualized all essential applications, including Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.  However, we had no guarantee that our projects were being backed up.  This meant that every student had to put their projects on thumb drives – and hope it was not left behind or in my case ….lost. After looking for days on end and realizing I’d never see that thumb drive again I wasn’t sure which direction to go in next. I had weeks of work I’d never be able to access again simply because of my data being unprotected. Using the thumb drive backup method to control the backup of any project was not ideal.  I’m sure you’ve run into similar constraints either at work or in your personal life.
Virtualization-aug 31

vAdmins and IT managers are struggling to meet their company’s requirements and traditional backup and recovery strategies just aren’t enough to deliver the recovery that businesses now need. In fact, 71% of those surveyed are not confident they could recover systems. (more…)

Beachbody Gets Fit with VNX2 and Isilon

Jeff Rochlin

Senior Director, IT Systems and Support, Beachbody
Originally from New York City, Jeff began his career writing code for business applications at The Hearst Corporation. He has spent time in trading floor operations for several Wall Street firms before moving to Los Angeles and running the Product Data Management Systems for Hughes Space and Communications commercial satellite production business. He spent a decade at The Walt Disney Company as the Managing Infrastructure and Systems for the Disney Animation Studios and then as Manager of Server and Storage Architecture and Strategy for Disney Worldwide Services. Broadening his experience in studio design and operations to broadcasting, he served at CBS as the Manager of Broadcast I.T. for the KCBS and KCAL TV Station duopoly in Los Angeles, where in addition to the build out of the CBS Studio Center Broadcast Center, he was responsible for the day to day operation of all computer and graphics systems at the station group. He went back to the Animation business in 2009 as Manager of Systems Engineering and Infrastructure Operations at Dreamworks Animation, SKG, where he was responsible for Storage, Networks, Database Administration, Systems Engineering and operations of all studio data centers worldwide. Jeff has been at Beachbody since December 2013. As Senior Director, IT Systems and Support, Jeff leads a team of Engineers responsible for infrastructure and support from Bare Metal up to the DevOps layer of the Stack.

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Whether you’re looking to strengthen your abs or shed a few pounds, everybody needs motivation and support. That’s why millions of people get fit with Beachbody.  We sell some of the most popular fitness and nutrition products, including the well-known P90X®, T-25®, and Insanity® programs. To help people achieve their health and fitness goals, we’ve built a vast network of independent fitness coaches, along with an online support community.

Business has been growing at an awesome clip—last year alone we processed more than 10 million transactions—and some of our critical systems struggled to keep up.  We depend on outside providers for parts of our e-commerce platform, while other pieces of the platform run inside our own infrastructure.   At times, it was a challenge to maintain consistent performance across our 24/7 online presence.

We are actively changing that paradigm by bringing back more e-commerce in-house.  A big piece of that is our next-generation infrastructure that gives us better performance, scalability, and reliability. After considering several vendors, we chose EMC® VSPEX® reference architecture based on VNX2® unified storage, Cisco UCS servers, and VMware. We also selected EMC Isilon® scale-out storage for our NAS requirements.  It’s been a great investment for us so far! (more…)




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