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Ease of Use for Everyone

Aaron Bairos

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC, Data Protection
Aaron is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Brandeis University and a Product Marketing Manager at Dell EMC. He’s been with Dell EMC/RSA for over 5 years now across multiple roles in security and data protection. When not working he enjoys being a tourist in new cities and spending time with family and friends. Follow him on Twitter: @AaronBairos

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Protecting Virtualized Environments
I remember being at Marist College a few years ago completing my last assignment as an undergrad student called “capping”. Capping was a required course that all students had to take in order to graduate. It’s designed to bring together everything you’ve learned throughout your time at Marist and bring them to life through real-life scenarios. Graduating with a Finance degree meant I had to come up with a financial business plan and then present to my panel of “sharks”. It consisted of sales forecasts, expense budgets and cash flow statements but before I bore you, I’ll stop there. It was a very tedious course and students all around campus cringe at the thought of having to take it.

As part of this course Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop were required and offered in our lab, however, PCs running the software were antiquated and slow. The university virtualized all essential applications, including Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop.  However, we had no guarantee that our projects were being backed up.  This meant that every student had to put their projects on thumb drives – and hope it was not left behind or in my case ….lost. After looking for days on end and realizing I’d never see that thumb drive again I wasn’t sure which direction to go in next. I had weeks of work I’d never be able to access again simply because of my data being unprotected. Using the thumb drive backup method to control the backup of any project was not ideal.  I’m sure you’ve run into similar constraints either at work or in your personal life.
Virtualization-aug 31

vAdmins and IT managers are struggling to meet their company’s requirements and traditional backup and recovery strategies just aren’t enough to deliver the recovery that businesses now need. In fact, 71% of those surveyed are not confident they could recover systems. (more…)

Smart Buyers are After Integrated Products

John Dentinger

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC Data Protection Division
John’s passion for creating compelling content and communicating the benefits of great products have aligned as he explores the world of protection storage. Interning in Product Marketing with EMC while pursuing his MBA exposed John to the world of technology and the astounding power of Dell EMC’s data protection offerings. Outside of work, John likes to ski, enjoys gaming & media, and collects vinyl records. John is a graduate of the MBA program at the Boston College Carroll School of Management, where he specialized in Product & Brand Management and Marketing Analytics.

For a lot of people, there is nothing more valuable than the convenience of a combined solution. In today’s demanding business world, professionals place a lot of emphasis on expediency and strive for optimal processes. But even outside of work, we all love it when a purchase is simple and when everything you need can be obtained with ease. That is why integrated products are so popular.
smart buyers 1

Parents with little ones certainly understand this perspective. A mom or dad’s day can quickly fill with tedious tasks, which makes products that cut out preparation very appealing. This is why pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a hit—having that preparation completed ahead of time allows parents to focus on what is important instead of assembling sandwiches.

Products across all categories have adopted this better together sentiment. Billiards manufacturers release tables that feature ping pong and pool; skiers and snowboarders look for coats or helmets that have headphones built-in; wide-eyed party goers ogle at the pulsating light of a bulb that doubles as a speaker. And of course, the school cafeteria is home to more examples than just those converged sandwiches – the Spork may be the most well-known integrated product out there. The cafeteria staff knows they can simplify their purchasing if kids can use one utensil to eat either their soup or chicken nuggets.

As Guy Churchward has highlighted on this blog, the iPhone is hyper-converged. Smartphones are all-in-one digital products, combining a cell phone with media player, a GPS unit, a digital camera, etc. Smartphone accessory makers have carried this thought process into the physical world, producing many popular smartphone cases that double as wallets. Those who use these cases are integration super fans, opting to carry all of their most important physical and digital assets in one simple package. (more…)

Show Me the Honey: Sweet VMware Integration with EMC Unity

Brian Henderson

Director, Unity Product Marketing

Catch The Buzz
Those aren’t bees flying around the office.  It’s the buzz created from EMC’s latest storage platform.  Our new entry/midrange all flash Unity system has received great marks in the industry and customers are voting with their wallets for this simple and affordable data storage and services platform.  VMware is even excited about it and we’ve done a blog and a podcast with them.


How Sweet Is Unity?

  • Customers love the simple HTML5 interface and how easy we’ve made it to manage one or multiple systems from an intuitive interface that requires no training.
  • Storage geeks love the modern all-flash architecture and how we added data services via Linux and Docker containers (yes, we were doing containers before containers were cool). We support the latest TLC flash drives, the latest Intel processors, and have committed to an aggressive roadmap
  • IT managers love the flexibility of Unity – they can deploy a SW-defined virtual storage appliance, an all flash array, or a converged server/network/storage Vblock 350 – all based on the same operating system. It’s fully unified with file, block, NAS or SAN that lets it professionals store just about anything on these systems. Go Anywhere with Unity!
  • Financial types love the affordability of this system – with a starting price of FREE for the UnityVSA and under $10,000 for a Unity system, it’s a no brainer to at least spin up a copy in your VMware lab and try it out.


Escape from Alcatraz is Like a Data Protection Plan Gone Bad

Deanna Hoover

Product Marketing Manager, Dell EMC
Deanna Hoover started her IT career over 30 years ago with a focus on software and hardware engineering. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries and has built a broad skillset ranging from writing machine code in a factory, migration of mainframe to client server, and storage architecture as well as systems and database administration. In August of 2004 Deanna made the move to EMC as a backup, recovery and archive presales SE. Since that time she has managed a Professional Services team and as of current is in marketing for Dell EMC with a focus on virtualization backup and recovery software. In her spare time Deanna enjoys the outdoors and participates in triathlons.

‘Ready for anVMworld blog-logoy’, the theme of VMworld 2015, points out that mission critical data is sitting in a variety of locations, including the cloud.  In addition, any application and device should have access to the data.  We all expect and need data to be available at our fingertips 7×24 365 days a year.

While at VMworld, I spoke with attendees about what the ‘ready for any’ theme means when combined with the expectations of data protection.  The question I posed:  “Would you say that inaccessible data is as costly as lost data?  Meaning, the data might not be lost but you do not have access to the data”

My findings:   Unavailable data costs money and “why” is a moot point.  My take away from these discussions confirmed what is often overlooked.  Your data protection plan needs to cover much more than just backup.

In my spare time after VMworld I swam in the San Francisco Bay. There was an added excitement to the swim because I was swimming in the waters meant to keep prisoners from escaping Alcatraz.  Alcatraz





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