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We Saw a Thousand Oracle DBAs and We Rocked Them All

Jamie Doherty

Consultant Social Media Engagement Manager, Dell EMC
Jamie brings over 20 years of experience in both traditional and digital marketing and has worked for companies like Direct to Retail Advertising, The Robb Report Magazine and She joined Dell EMC over four years ago to manage the Advanced Software Division’s social media strategy, and since then has taken on the challenge of managing the social media strategy for Dell EMC's Core Technologies Division. Her newest role will be managing Digital Campaigns for the Dell EMC Data Protection Division as well as leading strategy for Social Media in both the Data Protection and Storage Divisions. Jamie is also a Beachbody Coach helping to inspire others to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. When she is not Tweeting on behalf of Dell EMC or working out to Beachbody, you can find her at a live music venue watching her favorite artist or planning her next theme party. Follow her on Twitter @MnkyGrl47 or @CoachFab40

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be a part of the EMC Rocks Oracle Open World event out in San Francisco.  We took over the elan Events Center on Howard Street to create a venue that acted as a genius bar and haven for those attending Oracle Open World.  I say haven because, if you’ve been to a large conference, you know the biggest complaints you hear are always “I couldn’t get a seat at the keynote”, “I missed the lunch hour”, “it’s too crowded”, or “the booths were so busy I did not get enough 1×1 time with the experts”.
banner1We wanted to take a different approach.  Our idea was to provide the following:

  • A space that people would have plenty of room to watch the keynote streaming live while they were enjoying a great breakfast
  • EMC and Oracle Solutions Experts available all day long for that intimate conversation
  • Small sessions on topics Oracle DBAs would need to be more successful in their roles while serving healthy and hearty meals in a laid back space
  • An amazing customer appreciate party at the end of it all

So how did we do?  Let’s see the reviews on Twitter:


Make It Rain with Your EMC Hybrid Cloud

Scott Delandy

Technical Director, EMC Core Technologies Division
Scott Delandy is Technology Director with EMC’s Core Technology Division (including VMAX, XtremIO, VNX, Data Domain, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint). Scott has been in IT for 25 years and has wide range of expertise across storage, virtualization, mission critical systems, and cloud computing. In his current role, he is responsible for driving strategy and technology alignment across product groups, working with users and partners to accelerate IT transformation initiatives across infrastructure and operations, and managing CTD's Leadership Development Program to identify, mentor, and develop high potential talent. His previous roles include product management, market and technology analysis, and technical field support. Scott is also a member of the EMC Elect social media community, an EMC TV correspondent, and is SPEED certified.

raining moneyToday’s technology forecast includes an accelerated shift to the hybrid cloud. With over 75% of enterprise IT organizations deploying hybrid cloud already, adoption is predicted to continue to grow. In only the last few years, hybrid cloud has become the preferred way to deliver IT services and drive business transformation. This climate change enables IT to better leverage Public Cloud and Service Providers, delivering new app services with more flexibility and agility. It also helps IT optimize their Private Clouds, delivering traditional app services with more efficiency and trust.  In today’s Hybrid Cloud announcement, EMC adds even more across the horizons of the both of these worlds.

New capabilities provide more confluence between EMC’s storage and protection technologies, creating the perfect storm to deliver more business value.  New automation optimizes Hybrid Cloud efficiency by storing information in the right place at the right costs. New protection capabilities extend data services and provide a path to your trusted Hybrid Cloud. The convergence between storage and protection eliminates silos to boost service levels with the right mix of cost, performance, availability, replication, backup and archive.

Here’s how… and maybe more importantly… WHY it matters. (more…)

Ready to Rock Your Role? Join the EMC Guru Band on Our Worldwide Tour!

Jay Livens

Director, Product Marketing
Jay’s passion is technology. It started when he was a child and used to take apart flashlights and could not remember how to put them back together. You can imagine how that turned out especially when power outages occurred. However, Jay persisted and charted a course through life that included a lengthy stop in the financial services industry. After receiving an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, his path turned towards storage and he had stints with a storage reseller, a storage startup and a couple of big storage companies. After serving in multiple roles, Jay settled on marketing as his future career-path; however, he is not your typical marketer. All things technology intrigue him and he likes to know how things work, not just the marketing stuff, but how stuff really works. At Dell EMC, Jay runs field and channel marketing for the Data Protection and Storage Divisions in the Americas and looks forward to sharing his perspectives on his division, products and life in general.

If there is one thing that I have learned working in IT, it’s that you can never be too well educated.  Our business is constantly changing with new technologies and use cases.  Where can an IT practitioner go to gain insights into the latest storage and data protection trends and technologies?  The answer is simple – the 2015 GURU U Tour.
In 2014, EMC launched our Data Protection User Group (DPUG) program, which incorporated 66 events across the globe.  The feedback was unanimously positive, and customers responded by asking for more sessions, more topics and more speakers.  We listened.

The 2015 GURU U tour covers a broader range of topics.  This year, customers are really rocking their role as we’ve extended the program to encompass both data protection and storage.  Attendees will emerge with a better understanding of both, current technologies, future offerings, and best of all, they will also network and share best practices with a broader set of peers.  Some of this year’s more heavily attended sessions include:

Flash Optimized Data Protection
The addition of SSD to the datacenter can dramatically enhance storage performance, which is particularly valuable for transactional workloads. What about data protection you ask?  Just as flash often requires you to rethink your storage strategies, it also requires you to rethink data protection.  In this session we talk about the challenges and opportunities associated with protecting data stored on flash.

Leveraging VNX for cloud environments
Cloud technologies are being considered for a range of new workloads, but you still need storage to power your cloud.  In this session, we will discuss how you can leverage VNX technology to deliver optimal performance in a private cloud environment. (more…)

Superna Ramps Up Workflows with VMAX3

Andrew McKay

Chief Technology Officer, Superna and Guest Blogger
Andrew is an innovator in all aspects of data center technologies with patents covering encryption solutions, automation/orchestration, secure Cloud computing, data replication and Disaster Recovery systems. Responsible for the strategic direction of Superna's core competencies, product evolution and software technologies targeting the creation of differentiated solutions that close the Enterprise, Cloud Service provider gap. He is focused on developing Superna's technology roadmap and relationships with strategic partners. Prior to joining Superna, Andrew was a senior technologist with Nortel where he pioneered the development of optical storage area networking products for Fortune 500 and carrier customers and developed a next generation of network based encryption products. He started his career as a Systems Architect at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police designing highly available and secure systems for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the FBI and Interpol.

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IT is an integral part of most businesses today. At Superna, IT is our business. We design, test, and certify enterprise software on EMC and VCE infrastructures for other companies around the world—all day, every day. Therefore, we’re constantly exploring the latest and greatest in IT.


We’ve adopted nearly the entire EMC portfolio, including VMAX3, VNX, Isilon, VPLEX, and ViPR. They’re all tied into VCE Vblock Systems in our environment, which is 99% virtualized with VMware. This standardized, virtualized infrastructure has not only helped us grow our business, but also allowed for our IT staff to accomplish more in less time. We are able to spin up a virtual environment, onboard a customer, and start a new project in hours, rather than days, which it was previously taking. This agility is a key differentiator for Superna.

Most recently, we added VMAX3 to our environment. We were able to migrate the entire workload from our previous VMAX arrays to the VMAX3 in a matter of days and immediately saw a positive impact. From consolidation alone, we generated power savings of at least 20-25%. (more…)

How to Drive Storage Performance Up and Costs Down

Mark Geel

Senior Product Marketing Manager
I have been marketing EMC’s mid-range portfolio for quite some time now. I have seen some technologies come and go, been part of major technology trends and continue to be impressed by the pace of technological innovation. I love speaking with customers, partners and sales guys. And at “The Core”, I’m a straight shooter…and I tell it like it is.

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Just think about duplicate data for a second. Think about your own computer right now storage performance 1and how many copies of the same you file are storing, managing and protecting?  Just think about when that is multiplied by 100 or 1000 in a virtual desktop environment.  What about the attachments that get forwarded around within your email infrastructure?

How much are you spending to store, manage, and protect the exact same “chunk” of data over and over again?

Do you know how much you could save in storage, management, and protection costs by eliminating redundant data?  And did you know you can do all this while improving your storage performance?

 It comes as no surprise that data reduction technologies are viewed by some as a must have feature. In fact earlier this year, in a customer survey conducted by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), found that data reduction technologies were the second most important “must have feature” driving storage purchasing decisions. Do you agree?

storage performance 2

Combine data reduction with intelligent storage tiering and the result is a greater percentage of data residing on the fastest storage tier (for example flash based solid state drives) improving overall performance.

Think about the benefits of Data Reduction technologies:

  • Managing data more efficiently and effectively
  • Having to manage less data
  • Lowering overall infrastructure costs

But did you know that deduplication leads to not only improved efficiencies, better storage utilization, and lower storage costs, but also improved performance?

The hybrid-flash market is huge, and continues to grow at a healthy rate. Basically, utilizing flash drives allows your overall system performance to increase but at what cost? We all know that Solid State Drive (SSD) delivers at least 250x more IOPS than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (roughly 5,000 IOPS vs 180 IOPS). We also know that a SSD can cost as much as 8x compared to a HDD. So by mixing SSDs for performance, with HDDs for economies of scale, add in block-level deduplication, thin provisioning, and compression, and now you are able to benefit by an efficient hybrid-flash array, right? (more…)




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