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Enterprise Capabilities with Cloud-like Simplicity – Inconceivable!

Jon Siegal

Vice President, Product Marketing
Jon Siegal is currently the VP of Product Marketing for the industry-leading VMAX and VNX product lines. Jon spearheaded the market introductions of the award-winning VNX in 2011, the follow-on VNX2 in 2013, and the VMAX3 launch in 2014. Since joining EMC in May 2003, Jon has also led product marketing teams for other groups including Ionix, SMARTS, and ControlCenter. Jon has more than 15 years of high tech product experience in product marketing and product management. Prior to joining EMC, he led product marketing at two networked storage start-ups including Cereva Networks and Acopia Networks. He also previously served as a senior product manager at GE and as an account manager in the biotechnology industry. Jon holds an MBA from the University of Maryland and BA from the University of Vermont.

Nowadays, IT professionals in smaller shops are rarely specialists. They are juggling lots of responsibilities including servers, networks, security, mobile, applications – and of course storage. On any given day, they are just as likely to connect end-users to a wireless network as they are to provision 1TB of capacity.  While they are considering offloading some applications to the cloud, they prefer to keep control over their sensitive data. This means they need the best on-premises storage solution for their money – one that has the reliability of an enterprise-class array with the simplicity of a cloud-based application.
VNXe1600_ProductToday, we are excited to unveil the new VNXe1600™ for small businesses, remote offices, and enterprise departments. We’ve taken our enterprise-class capabilities and delivered them in a package that anyone can use. It’s the optimal blend of simplicity and efficiency – made for the resource-constrained IT professional with already too much on their plates.

Simpler user experience across the storage lifecycle
Clearly, IT pros need a better storage experience from beginning to end. The VNXe1600 was designed to be easily deployed, managed, and serviced – making it ideal for environments with limited storage expertise. It can be deployed out-of-the box in just minutes. For common management tasks such as provisioning storage for VMware, we designed new task-based workflows to reduce the risk of user error. Even support has changed. The old days of reading a 150-page manual are over – all of EMC’s VNXe products have a fully integrated Proactive Service Ecosystem, which enables self-service and EMC remote support.


Enterprise-class capabilities — in a small package
Most IT pros today also want more for less. Not only do they need enough performance, reliability, and capacity to handle their diverse workloads, they also require advanced features like snapshots, remote replication, thin provisioning and integration into their existing IT infrastructure. (more…)

EMC Storage Analytics – a Check-Engine Light for Your VMware Environment

Roxane Mody

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
Roxane Mody joined EMC in 2000. She has held various positions in Market Research, Product Management and Product Marketing. She now drives the go-to-market and management portfolio in the Core Technologies Product Marketing team. Roxane actively supports the Sales organization to develop marketing, sales and promotional collateral, and is responsible for launching products/solutions into the market. Her previous experiences have been in process and website development, database management, event planning, and marketing retail banking services. Her education includes an MBA in Marketing and Information Systems, and an undergraduate degree in Business Management. Roxane’s interests include working out, jewelry and chasing after her two boys.

The “Good” Ole Days

storage analytics 1In the old days, you could drive your car on the road without any knowledge if the car had any problems with the tires, the engine, the oil, or filters.  You were unaware to any of the potential problems that were lurking inside of the car’s mechanical systems.

I don’t think I’d call that “good”.

Today’s new cars have come a long way – loaded with intelligent systems and state-of-the-art technology.  You are alerted if the tire pressure is low, the engine is running at high temperatures, or if the oil needs to be changed.

This is better, and ultimately creates a safer and more responsive vehicle. (more…)

Transformation and Disruption; Riding the Big Waves

Michael Wilke

Senior Director of Marketing
Marketing lifer who has proven an old dog can learn new tricks. After 30+ years of tech product marketing (excluding a short stint in the beer industry… why did I ever leave that?) I have been focusing on the new world of digital marketing and content. Bringing a song writers mentality to connecting the dots above the products into compelling story telling. The future is not the exclusive domain of the Millennials so it’s never too late. When I’m not doing this, I’m playing my guitar, trying to stay in shape, hanging out in the mountains and loving my amazing family.

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Joe Tucci-SpockTransformation and disruption are two words heard frequently when describing the IT landscape. Joe Tucci, EMC Chairman and CEO, described these times as “unprecedented” and compared the new digital era to a giant wave bearing down on business which you can choose to be either on the good side or the bad side.

As a company EMC is not immune to these waves. We need to take the same advice that we give to our customers about the importance of transforming, staying agile, and disrupting to drive costs out of today’s business so we can invest in the future. Our Core Technologies storage and data protection launch at EMC World actually provides some insight into how and where EMC is transforming and disrupting ourselves.

XtremIO is transforming flash and the EMC storage portfolio. In the last 18 months, this product has experienced meteoric and historic growth to emerge as the #1 leader in the all flash array market. The XtremIO 4.0 announcement provides further proof through new software services and scalability that EMC expects to see more and more workloads consolidated on this platform. (more…)

A New Deal on VNXe Software Pricing

Brian Henderson

Director, Unity Product Marketing

When we announced the flexible VNXe3200, we summarized the cool little unified/hybrid/cloud-ready flash array as “enterprise features for entry level prices.”


Nine out of ten engineers agree. Many folks agree including SearchStorage, CRN, StorageReview, Justin Paul, Henri Hämäläinen, Hersey Cartwright, Jason Nash, Chad Sakac, Todd Bey, and John Lukavsky. (more…)




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